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    1. 3fifty7


      Village Deaux & Louisisna Gun Range Welcome aboard
    2. 3fifty7

      .300bo sbr hunting scope choices for kiddos

      I had a Bushnell Elite Tactical 1x6.5 on my .300BO SBR that my daughter deer hunted with for a couple of years. It was very easy for her to pick up and use. I just put together an AR10 and moved the Bushnell to it. I picked a Vortex Spitfire 3X to put on my .300BO but I haven’t mounted it yet...
    3. 3fifty7

      New Guy

      Home of the Steamboat and the White Rabbit. Welcome.
    4. 3fifty7

      Gold and silver will be worthless

      Man I read the first page without noticing the date then I saw Hunh Bruh on the top of page 2.
    5. 3fifty7

      Mississippi River extremely low

      Thanks I’ll have to get my wife or kids to pull that up.
    6. 3fifty7

      Mississippi River extremely low

      I’ve seen a few articles and watched a river gauge showing how low the Mississippi River currently is. I’m just south of Alexandria and I want to ride the river Monday afternoon, have a half day off if all goes well. I’ll probably drive into New Orleans first then stop in BR on the way back...
    7. 3fifty7

      Little bit about me

      Welcome aboard from Bunkie. I believe we may have gone to grade school together.
    8. 3fifty7

      Favorite rifle?

      Garand 10/22s AR10 Love the idea of a BAR, never shot one but it’s on my bucket list.
    9. 3fifty7


      Indian Creek rec center, in Woodworth just south of Alexandria has primitive camping, fishing, bath houses, gun range and archery range.
    10. 3fifty7

      Bayoushooter Spyderco

      I’d really prefer a 3rd to be a different model. Manix 2 with a ball bearing lock ? I had a guy message me a couple days ago to see if I knew of a BS PM2 available anywhere.
    11. 3fifty7

      NASA DART satellite impact approximately 6:15 pm

      Live footage on discovery and other platforms now. Planned impact into an asteroid to study the effects and possibly alter the course of an asteroid in the future.
    12. 3fifty7

      different calibers

      It’s a 8 3/8” barrel so it’s pretty hefty, a lot more of a straight back push than a flipping up recoil. I’ll shoot it single hand, strong or weak. Few like it, most hate it honestly.
    13. 3fifty7

      different calibers

      Handguns .22lr, .32s&w long, .38spl, .357mag, .40, .44mag, .45acp, .500 s&w mag, & 9mm
    14. 3fifty7

      Looking for good machinist-central la area

      The only local guy I’ve had thread a barrel for me has since retired. You can check out I’ve heard mostly very good reviews and one unsatisfied but I have been there myself.
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