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    1. Bam Bam

      Any World Travelers Here.

      Sadly I have never been off the North American Continent, but have been across both north and south borders on short trips. Been to Montreal Canada and Monterrey Mexico many years ago. Believe me in saying I care nothing about ever going back near those locations. I DO want to travel the world...
    2. Bam Bam

      Officer Involved Defensive Shooting.

      Funny as hell, but true!!
    3. Bam Bam

      Officer Involved Defensive Shooting.

      He was agitated from the start, this was never going to have a good outcome. Never repeat never attempt to take anything away from a Officer or this will be the outcome. Good job officer!
    4. Bam Bam

      53 Rescue dogs survive plane crash during flight from NOLA to Waukesha.

      I agree also and for once a story that had a good ending.
    5. Bam Bam

      The Slo-Mo Guys play w/ a Tank!

      That was crazy! I never expected the 76mm shell to wobble coming out of the barrel like that, but it did look like it was trying to stabilize. Then to use the 155mm shell to blow up watermelons too, but I am very surprised that the shell was deflected to the degree it was from the watermelons...
    6. Bam Bam

      B-17 & P-63 Midair Collision

      Yes, being an aviation nut especially WW2 warbirds I saw what happened. It is very sad this happened and prayers to those families who lost someone, tragic. I can see how this could have easily happened and what most people think happened. But I'm not going to armchair quarterback and say what I...
    7. Bam Bam

      NOV - Steel Challenge is back at Palo Alto

      That looks like fun, but I would need a calendar to time me shooting those plates! lol Although I do have a pistol I could probably use in it. scratches head for a moment.... funny thing about getting older, you think things thru a little more so I better not. lol
    8. Bam Bam

      NOV - Steel Challenge is back at Palo Alto

      Just curious but what is a "Steel Challenge"?
    9. Bam Bam

      Hey buddy, would you consider a trade for the Tasco scope for my 1000 yard rangefinder...

      Hey buddy, would you consider a trade for the Tasco scope for my 1000 yard rangefinder?
    10. Bam Bam

      States ranked by number of firearms

      Only number #10 in the country?? Wow I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'm from Louisiana. lol
    11. Bam Bam

      WTS: 1000 yard range laser rangefinder. **Price Drop!!

      Still available, $50 for a great rangefinder.
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