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  • dzelenka
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    • Ritten said to hit you up ,wife and i looking for a toyota 4 runner lo miles, 15k-25k$ ,starting our search today .

      cw myers 9857507173 cell,thanks
      Hey there Dan
      I wanted to know if you new someone who could Help me with installing my Geissele trigger on my AR or Install it for me ? Thanks Dennis
      Good evening, Mr. Zelenka. Can you please email me at Brannon LeBouf suggested I forward something to you.
      Hello, I was referred to you from my friend at the Fire Dept Tyler Perkins to talk to you about getting started in NRA shooting competions. I am currently a Firefighter at Baton Rouge and US Marine now in the reserves. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

      Nathan D.
      yo d, quick question for ya. do you know where i can find a f class style log book that alows me to call my shots off an f class target with write in rain paper and round count pages?
      Sorry i meant the smallbore match. Ive got a ruger semi-auto with some work, it may not be enough rifle, i just want to get my feet wet. Thanks in advance for any info Ed.
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