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    1. Forgotten

      Bidens Last Shot to Ban AR Rifles.

      Maybe he should ban inflation I'm sure he would get 100% support.
    2. Forgotten

      CHP now available in LA Wallet

      Update in the app store and it showed up
    3. Forgotten

      Credit Cards Used to Track Gun Purchases.

      We held the meeting without you...
    4. Forgotten

      Cashless society very soon

      I can't imagine much longer seeing as we are currently 31 trillion in debt.
    5. Forgotten

      New 18-20yr old Waiting period w/ National to Local Database + Magazine restriction arguments.

      So my plan is that everytime they come up with a new ban of something gun related I just order more of whatever they don't want me to have. At some point my house is going to look like the show "Hoarders" where stuff is just packed to the ceiling. One day in a small section of a local newspaper...
    6. Forgotten

      EDC help!

      Buy both sell the one you don't like here on the Forum...
    7. Forgotten

      States ranked by number of firearms

      Well you only have 2 hands... So I guess you only need 2 guns.
    8. Forgotten

      States ranked by number of firearms

      I will try and do my part to move that number forward for the state of Louisiana.
    9. Forgotten

      Edwards to attend meetings in England.

      And once again no one will be held accountable for their actions.
    10. Forgotten

      FYI....I'm a racist!!!

      Did you not know? Hasn't any one told you? EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is Racist.....
    11. Forgotten

      Ford Mustang

      The front end and rear side window look a lot like the camaro. I honestly feel that they ruined the mustang name when they made the E-mustang. They could have named it something else.
    12. Forgotten

      40 s&w debate

      I love 40s&w. If you have a glock that shoots .40 you can put a conversion barrel to 9mm. It doesn't work the other way around.
    13. Forgotten

      smith wesson must be bad

      Some of my favorite pistols are S&W that's why you won't see them for sale here. Lol
    14. Forgotten

      Trump Informer.

      How many bugs do you think they planted? They had several hours so I can only imagine lots.
    15. Forgotten

      House Passes Ban on AR Type Weapons.

      This will not go well for America...
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