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      Ham Radio info??

      Another option would be a digital mode like DMR. DMR allows you to talk all over the world from a handheld or mobile using your technician license. Im using an Anytone 878uv plus radio, its about 240 bucks. It will do vhf/uhf but also DMR. I bought mine from Its alot of...
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      20 gauge at Walmart Gonzales

      Gonzales Walmart just put out some 100 pack 20 gauge target load if anybody is looking. About 23 dollars a box.
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      Anyone going to Cabalas in Gonzales soon?

      Still there today at 10:00...It’s priced at 2499.99
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      New range in Gonzales in 2019

      This is from facebook, they also show a billboard near Wal Mart in Gonzales. I hope it comes to be, would be nice to have a range close by. COMING SOON TO GONZALES, LA IN 2019! (Will be located on Airline Hwy across from Supreme Chevrolet) 12 Lane Indoor Range and Retail Store!! 25 yard lanes...
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      New range in Gonzales in 2019

      Any info on this new range coming to Gonzales in 2019? Ironsights weponery. Says it will be located across from Supreme Chevy.
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      Who makes/sells heavy bbq grills in SE La??

      Check out Hutch’s Hardware. I bought a landmann from them and it was heavy duty.
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      CCW belt recomendations

      I agree with you Joe, I researched belts for a good while before i bought one. I went with the aliengear belt, and its been good so far. I think its a bigfoot belt rebranded too.
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      What is your CCW of choice?

      Mine should be here tomorrow. Took 10 days before it was shipped FYI. Looking forward to trying it out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      What is your CCW of choice?

      Was a Kahr CM9 but now a Glock 27. Just ordered a IWB Alien Gear Holster for it.
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      Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas everybody !!!
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      WTS: Metal Desk

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      WTS: Metal Desk

      This is a metal industrial type desk. It does have some wear marks on it, but would make a great shop/garage/reloading desk. The hutch and the file cabinet are lockable and I have the keys. The hutch also has a light under it.It is 66 inches wide,30 inches deep, and 66 inches tall. Its in 3...
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      ALARM!!!!! B-17 at 12 o'clock in Galvez heading west 270 degrees at 1655!!!!

      The FW190 was finished. Here are some you tube videos of it in Baton Rouge.
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      Sherburne Gun Range

      Anybody been to the range lately, Im thinking about going tomorrow. How are the target boards, are they in good condition?
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      Guitar players, a question...

      I have an Ibanez Talman I need to get rid of, Its just sitting around. If this will work for you let me know. It comes with a gig bag that also is a backpack. It need new strings, but its in mint condition.
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