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    1. H

      Are shotgun beads necessary?

      This discussion can only be meaningful if we differentiate between stationary targets and moving targets. A turkey hunter can certainly benefit from a front and mid bead. A wing shooter may do fine without either bead.
    2. H

      Getting old

      If you don't reload (light loads) or have family to hand those down to, selling makes the most sense. I'm a little younger than you but I'm looking ahead and see a similar situation approaching. I don't have anyone to hand down to so I'm about ready to start selling some.
    3. H

      Weatherby rifle no free bore.

      NOE makes sizer dies to size the nose of the cast bullet. I would use this approach before I'd ream the chamber. This is what I do with all my cast bullet rifles. I size to get the bullet nose to become a slip fit into the rifling. Accuracy usually improves.
    4. H

      Gun ID

      Looks like it's been riding in a tool box.
    5. H

      Gun ID

      Could it be a Wichita Arms MK40?
    6. H

      Supreme Court Rules Against New York Licensing Law

      Kinda makes them a target for burglary.
    7. H

      Roe v Wade overturned

      I have no desire or interest in starting an argument on this issue. It's pointless and won't change any minds one way or the other. But an intelligent examination of the facts involved here should be taken into account. This judicial decision has nothing to do with telling women what they can or...
    8. H

      Roe v Wade overturned

      I tend to agree. Why kill an innocent child because his father is a rapist. You'd be executing the wrong person.
    9. H

      Gender Inclusive Language.

      Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, all those other genders are from Uranus.
    10. H

      Well there goes the senate. Looks like gun reform is coming including red flag laws

      Not saying this won't happen, and not saying that it will. But the actual Senate bill has not yet been written and it has not been voted up or down on the Senate floor. Only a draft has been agreed upon in committee. Time will tell.
    11. H

      New to Reloading but having some problems

      I believe Redding makes a set of shell holders of varying thicknesses to address just this issue.
    12. H

      Department of Disinformation

      Biden must have a team of comedy writers making decisions for him.
    13. H

      Meanwhile at the Legislature

      I thought the same thing.
    14. H

      Hate Crime Murder in Baton Rouge?

      Personally, I'd like to see the application of "hate crime" charges be eliminated altogether. Who cares what a person was thinking when they committed a crime. The crime is bad enough. And how can you prove exactly what a person's thoughts were?
    15. H

      Louisiana May be Close to Concealed Carry Without Permit.

      My take on this. Either you support the US Constitution or you don't. It clearly states "shall not be infringed". As far as the fear of "untrained" people carrying and issues relating to interactions with law enforcement, twenty something other states already have Constitutional Carry and if...
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