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    1. J

      Help with a Webley MK 2

      Please delete
    2. J

      Help with a Webley MK 2

      I have a Webley (converted to .45 acp.), that's got a problem with the ejector. When assembled to break open @ about 30 degrees, the ejector works,popping up about 1/2". When assembled to break open 90 degrees, the ejector does not work at all. Does anyone know if this is normal for a converted...
    3. J

      SOLD: Webley MK2 Revolver (Price Drop) now $400.00

      Converted to .45 ACP after WW2. All original with all British government and proof marks. Four inch barrel with perfect bore. Locks up tight as new. Normal dings and scratches, but gun is in amazing shape for being 125 years old. Would make a great project or as is a great shooter. $500.00 cash...
    4. J

      New guy

      Welcome; Happy to have you !! If you need help with computers, please call the nearest 9 year old, as in this department, I'm useless. Anything else, I'll try to help. JW
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