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    1. J

      WTS: Mossberg .410 Pump Action

      Asking $300. Been sitting in my closet for too long and can use the extra cash. Shoot me an offer!
    2. J

      WTS: Mossberg .22lr

      Still up for sale. Come get it!
    3. J

      WTS: Mossberg .22lr

      I have a Mossberg .22lr with a red dot sight up for sale. $300 or make an offer.
    4. J


      Thank you!
    5. J

      Concealed Carry classes

      Need good recommendations for a concealed carry class to get my license
    6. J

      Upcoming gun shows

      Are there any gun shows coming up around Lafayette?
    7. J

      Range in Lafayette?

      Looking for a good range near me. What yall got?
    8. J

      Favorite rifle?

      Ar-15 is my favorite. always has been. whats yours?
    9. J

      Favorite handgun?

      my personal favorite would be the classic 1911. whats yours?
    10. J

      Ford Mustang

      So the new 2024 S650 was revealed today? What's everyones thoughts on it. Personally i am a huge fan.
    11. J


      New member here
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