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      Generac service

      Valentine Mechanical installed mine and does the maintenance. No complaints.
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      Bolt action 308 that accepts M1A/M14 mags

      Thanks for the info
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      Bolt action 308 that accepts M1A/M14 mags

      Does anyone sell a bolt action rifle that accepts M1A magazines? If not does anyone know where to find the components for a custom build?
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      Reloading Mentor

      I’ve been using Quickload for years. It allows you to predict the performance of particular loads. As with any reloading data, start low and work up.
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      A question regarding smokeless powders

      As I said I haven't used it in a while but, IIRC you can choose the cartridge, the bullet you want to shoot and it gives you the max pressure. It will give you a list of powders from the highest velocity down. It will also tell you the percentage of case fill. It will give you more info than...
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      A question regarding smokeless powders

      I know some are not a fan but, I used the Quickload software for years with great success until I lost everything in the 2016 flood. I haven't replaced all my equipment yet but, when I do, I'll get the latest version of Quickload.
    7. L

      350 Legend?

      I got excited when it came out since I have a 35 Rem and a 350 Rem Mag. Then I found out they went with pistol diameter projectiles. I would have bought one if it used .358 bullets.
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      To the boys in blue!!!!

      Well said Bigchillin. I rarely post anything but want the LEOs out there to know we support you. Thanks for doing a thankless job.
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      Home/Land owners.. I need advice

      Here's another resource to explore.
    10. L


      I've become very fond of the Knob Creek Single Barrel. As for being frugal, I like Elijah Craig.
    11. L

      Deer processing in/around Baton Rouge

      Day's Smokehouse on Hwy 16 in Watson. Sausage, bacon burger and deer burritos are highly recommended.
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      Scope Mounting Advice - Long Range Rifle

      A friend of mine got a lead sled and put his newly built 8mm Rem mag in it and within 6 or 8 shots cracked the stock. After seeing that I went and bought a Hyskore rest that has a hydraulic damping cylinder that does not transfer all of the recoil energy into the rifle. I would never put any gun...
    13. L

      Case seperation

      The only time I ever had that happen was with reloaded ammo. The case had been reloaded too many times. The bullet didn't lodge in the barrel though.
    14. L

      Crossbow Bolts???

      The people here helped me outfit my crossbow. I haven't got to hunt with it yet but, it shoots great. They are very knowledgeable and can get you set up.
    15. L

      7mm Mag Ammo

      What is the intended use? Hunting, target, tactical?
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