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      Threaded barrel question

      I do not have any experience with EFK. However, I currently have a Stormlake barrel in a .40 XDM that seems to work well.
    2. L

      9mm upper - impact shift with suppressor

      Just wanted to say, I appreciate everyone else's feedback so far also.
    3. L

      9mm upper - impact shift with suppressor

      I also use this same suppressor on a HK USP 9 and a Beretta M9 with the same set-up (just switching the spring for the spacer). They are both pretty consistent with POI when switching between suppressed and unsuppressed. If it was blow-by causing the issue, wouldn't it present itself with the...
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      9mm upper - impact shift with suppressor

      I would like to be able to shoot it suppressed and unsuppressed. As it is now, I have flip up sights for when unsuppressed and an optic when suppressed. I have modified a 5" flash hider to fit when shooting unsuppressed to protect the inside of my hand guard as well as my hand. I have tried...
    5. L

      9mm upper - impact shift with suppressor

      I have put together a 9mm SBR upper for suppressor use (being used on a registered SBR lower). Barrel was supplied by ADCO and is 4.5" and threaded 13.5 x 1 LH with a 1 in 10 inch twist rate. It is being used with an AAC TI-rant. I know that most firearms will exhibit some impact shift with...
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      Engraving in North LA

      I understand the point of sending it to someone that is known and has a good reputation. However, how can someone get positive or negative feedback if no one ever gives them a chance. czar has used the guy and says it turned out good. Hopefully Hoghunter will have good results too. Like has...
    7. L

      Engraving in North LA

      I ran across "EliteTacticalWeapons.Com" while searching for some other stuff one day. They show to be in Shreveport and they have a few pics of engraving shown on their website. I spoke to someone there and I think he quoted $40-$45 for engraving for an SBR (don't quote me on that though)...
    8. L

      Bought a trap thrower... Not impressed

      I purchased one and had the same problem. I purchased some 2 X 6 boards and bolted the thrower to them. It increased the footprint of the thrower and added some weight which helped keep it from jumping around so much. The only problem I have now is it will break the last one when it tries to...
    9. L

      Gun and Knife show in Monroe?

      I am not sure if anything is going on in Monroe this weekend; however, there is a show being held in Ruston this weekend.
    10. L

      Looking for Gunsmith in Shreveport for AR lower assembly

      I agree with everyone else. It is not hard to do yourself. I am not a gunsmith but I would not mind helping. I am east of Shreveport about 45-60 minutes.
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      SOLD: Saiga 12 - Converted $975

      I want it. PM Sent.
    12. L

      Vintage Remington 878 12ga semi auto , TC 3X9X40 RIFLE SCOPE

      Interested in automaster. PM Sent.
    13. L

      AR hammer spring too heavy for dedicated .22 upper?

      You can try the JP 3.5 lb hammer spring but that could possibly cause light primer strikes on some of the more stubborn .223 primers (I have not had this problem on my ARs but I am only 1 person). You can also try a Lakeside spring for the .22 conversion kit. They are usually longer than the...
    14. L

      Reason number 342 of why I love big boy armament..

      I have fired the CCI Subsonic rated at 1050 fps as well as the CCI standard velocity rated at 1070 fps out of my 10/22, spikes upper, and savage bolt action (all with the Sparrow attached) without any issues. I agree, definitely a lot of fun.
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