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    1. Martman300

      Any Taurus GX4 owners?

      If you look at this pistol, it is a quality handgun. Not only is it well made, fit and finish are excellent, but it has an adjustable back strap shoots accurately and fast. Real good stock trigger. Great grip texture. Street price $200 less than the competitors, or about 40%. Every bit as...
    2. Martman300

      Any Taurus GX4 owners?

      Good Luck! I really wanted to like it. It just wasn’t for me.
    3. Martman300

      Any Taurus GX4 owners?

      I had a GX4 for a bit, much prefer my G3C or 43X. I would like a DA/SA or even a G26 more than the micro 9’s. To start, I had the bronze cerakote model. The finish was actually better than the cerakote G43 model I had. Hats off to Taurus, awesome finish. My G3C is a notch below Glocks there...
    4. Martman300

      Any Taurus GX4 owners?

      Selling your Rami?
    5. Martman300

      Pocket carry single stack

      Exactly right Dave. Funny how so many guys want to get the smallest pistol they can, then load it up with crap. After market mag well, red dot, compensator, or threaded barrel, extended mags and everything else they can get extended. Boggles the mind.
    6. Martman300

      Pocket carry single stack

      I pocket carried for a couple years, as like the poster said it was the only viable option. Although a belly band worked also. ‘’maybe something to look into” I carried a Kahr CM9, and a Keltec P11, until I shot the Kahr, then unloaded the Keltec. I could draw fairly quickly, and usually had...
    7. Martman300

      WTB: Glock 26 gen 5 preferred / Bersa TPR9C similar sized DA/SA

      want to buy: Bersa TPR9C similar sized DA/SA 12 or more rounds Glock 26, gen 5 preferrered Located in Old Gretna and get to Baton Rouge once or twice a week.
    8. Martman300

      I need a shotgun restored

      Post some pictures if you do. I am doing the same with a 20 gauge I picked up.
    9. Martman300

      Concealed carry gun

      I carry my Beretta 92X also, but there is no denying the smaller pistols are more comfortable when you carry 365 about 14 hours a day.
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