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      SOLD: Viper PST 1-4 LPVO

      Viper PST 1-4 x 24 TMCQ (MRAD reticle). it is mint with no scope ring marks. Comes with Box. If you have any questions, please reach out to me here. I live in Covington. Thanks!
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      PM's not loading.

      Same here.
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      SOLD: .223 FMJ 55gr American Eagle 500 rounds

      The site's message system isn't working but I will take these. PM to follow when it is working.
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      SOLD: or WTT NIB Trijicon RMR Type 2 - Price Change

      NIB Trijicon RMR Type 2 (RM01). Original owner and purchase from Primary Arms. Will consider trades for brass-cased 556 and 300BO ammunition. Up for other trades as well but that's the only ammunition that I am l considering at this time. If you have any questions or need more pics, please...
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      SOLD: NIB Surefire E2D Defender

      I didn't realize that I have this light and already have an EDC. This is the 500/5 lumen version which has a higher candela (more throw) than the 1000 lumen version. The 500 lumen version has 16,000 candela, and the 1000 lumen version has 10,600 candela. Thanks for looking and PM me here...
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      SOLD: Magpul PRS Stock, Rifle Buffer Tube, Buffer, and Spring

      Installed but never used. Buffer tube has wear from installation and removal. I am including a standard rifle buffer and AKTIVE CTS Buffer which reduces recoil. I have used them in carbine gas systems, and they work great (with no moving parts or hydraulics to wear out). This also comes with...
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      SOLD: Hellcat Holster, Mags and RSA

      Sold the gun and I don't have a use for these. Would prefer to sell these as a package. - Mint Werkz IWB Light Bearing Holster TLR7 Sub with custom key for the TLR7 Sub (1913 version). - New Factory 15 Round Magazine. - New Factory 13 Round Magazine. - New Factory Recoil Spring Assembly. - New...
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      SOLD: NIB $150 Cloud Defensive Micro MCH Flashlight

      $150 NIB Cloud Defensive Micro MCH Flashlight. Received as a gift, but I already have an EDC. Sells for $219.99, so my loss is your gain. EDC Light Head, Dual Output (LOW 3500 Candela / 120 Lumens and HIGH 35,000 Candela / 1200 Lumens). Includes: - Mission Configurable Handheld - UI2 Charger...
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      WTB: Beretta APX Centurion Combat or RDO

      Please message me here if you have one for sale in the Northshore area. Thanks.
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      SOLD: Sig P320 X Compact Slide and Grip Frame Plus P320 Mags

      + Added Sig P320 X Compact Optic Ready Slide + X Grip Frame. Estimating less than 100 rounds on the slide and grip frame. No wear or marks on the grip frame. The slide has minimal wear as you can see in the pic where the barrel hood moves under the slide. It’s in great condition. Needs...
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      WTB: Kel-Tec KSG

      Looking for NIB or LNIB KSG and recent production. I see these are running for less than $640 new, so a reasonable price is less than $700 new considering shipping and FFL transfer. If you have one laying around and near Covington/Mandeville, let me know. Would prefer one with the original box...
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