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    1. RustyHammer

      New gun auction site?

      Not today ATF.
    2. RustyHammer

      Chippa Rhino .357

      double tap on this ^^^^ JBP55 nailed it!
    3. RustyHammer

      Benchmade Cuts up Guns

      I have a few in my 100+ knife collection. Now I won't feel so bad about taking them and using the **** out of them. ;)
    4. RustyHammer

      SOLD: Radar Detector

      This! Also see and get your radar detector geek on\:
    5. RustyHammer

      Gun safe installation

      I did same ... just make sure you don't slide keys or anything else off the top of it (between it and the wall).
    6. RustyHammer

      What’s In Your Safe ?

      Hershey bars and potato chips.
    7. RustyHammer

      That time of year again

      How is this night different than all other nights? :(
    8. RustyHammer

      Locking under rear seat options for F150
    9. RustyHammer

      Louisiana Drivers License on Phone.

      It's not like the Chinese don't already have this information, but I don't like the idea of making it too easy for them! Besides, I'm too damn old to change! /Rusty
    10. RustyHammer

      Trust Taurus?

      I've owned 7 Taurus handguns .. all wheel guns. Never had a functional problem with any of them, although, accuracy was not what I expected on a couple of them.
    11. RustyHammer

      Guy who sold Vegas shooter AP ammo indicted.

      "The indictment against Douglas Haig of Mesa doesn't mention his sales to Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people at a music festival 10 months ago from his hotel room in Las Vegas. The charge says Haig sold ammunition without a license from July 2016 until mid-October 2017, but makes no mention...
    12. RustyHammer

      Russian Ammo - GTG?

      I prefer brass ... but will shoot steel in my less expensive AR's. It always goes bang and is pretty consistent. In the long run, I figure the money I save will cover the cost of a new barrel if I ever shoot enough to do that. (At least that's what I tell myself!)
    13. RustyHammer

      Using Other People's Reloads

      .. A fool and his eyes are soon parted. Nope!
    14. RustyHammer

      WTS: Honey for Sale

      Awesome! I'm in New Orleans ... do you have any place local? What would shipping run on a couple two pounders?
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