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    1. sailem

      SOLD: Aimpoint PRO

      Like new PRO $300, come get it! Can ship.
    2. sailem

      SOLD: POF MP5 with surefire forend

      Want to sell my POF MP5 comes as pictured. $1400 obo. Bought recently and decided to go in another direction. 1 mag included. Can sell without the surefire for $1100 or can sell the surefire separately.
    3. sailem

      SOLD: 1988 camry $350

      Yes you have read correctly $350. i wish i knew what was wrong with it, it was driving fine then i started it and POOF, the windows, dash cluster, radio, lights front and back stopped working, and the auto transmission stays in first and it will go in reverse. I think its a relay somewhere but i...
    4. sailem

      Smith and Wesson 686 Jarvis lug weight help

      Now that have it on reeeeeeeeal snug, anyone know what screws these things use at the bottom? Finally found one but it had no screws with it.
    5. sailem

      WTS: Areo/PSA AR15 $650

      Solid basic AR. Areo upper, PSA stealth lower. Sopmod LMT stock. $650. 1 mag included. don’t miss out. Round count about 100 rounds. Original put together as a “spare” but i find myself with more ARs than I shoot.
    6. sailem

      Charles Daly 601 DPS Benelli M4 Clone

      So I found that the spring in the firing pin was weak. So when the bolt went forward and stopped, there was still some travel in the firing pin. A Benelli firing pin spring fixed this issue and the gun ran flawlessly after that.
    7. sailem

      SOLD: 14.5 upper NOT pinned $200

      Areo receiver, colt 14.5 barrel. Can include a regulator muzzle device if needed. $200.
    8. sailem

      NLFS: Complete areo 556 upper

      Very nice areo upper, COMPLETE with bolt carrier and Charging handle. $375 firm. 5042396224. Comes with MI rear sight as well
    9. sailem

      WTB: Found

      Looking for a 686 revolver, please let me know what you have, thank you
    10. sailem

      SOLD: Xm177-ish AR $700

      Solid xm177 style AR, P/W flash hidder. PSA stealth lower ER shaw upper. Comes with the Primary Arms x 2.5. $700 or trade towards a 686 revolver.
    11. sailem

      SOLD: Vortex Viper PST GEN II 1-6x24

      Vortex Viper PST GEN II 1-6x24 $500 on a Leopold mount. In mint condition. Just don’t use it anymore. Been in the safe for over a year. Trades welcomed. In Ponchatoula.
    12. sailem

      SOLD: WTT Yugo M90 5.56 AK with adapter

      Updated price
    13. sailem

      SOLD: WTT Yugo M90 5.56 AK with adapter

    14. sailem

      SOLD: LAR-15 SOLD

      Solid,smoooooth, reliable Rock River AR-15 (LAR-15). Round count unknown. 2-stage trigger,surefire rail, nightstick 1200 lumin tac light. Also comes with LMT Sopmod stock and buffer tube. Want to trade for a Cetme or towards a FAL (will add cash). Thank you friends. Cash value $1000 or so
    15. sailem

      SPF: P226 .40

      Got this and put maybe 300 rounds through it. I just dont keep and buy .40 cal. Looking to sell for $600. If i cant sell ill probably just buy the conversion barrel.
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