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    1. Trailboss

      Satellite booster for cellphone

      I use SureCall Flare (about $350) to boost the weak Verizon signal at my home, but you first have to have a signal to boost. If you have no signal, or if the tower is blocked by a mountain at the ranch house, it may not work. The booster has an outside antenna placed as high as possible that...
    2. Trailboss

      Supreme Court May Expand Right to Carry Firearms.

      As long as you are actively travelling and have not interrupted your travel (like staying in a motel in MD, NJ or NY) you are protected from prosecution. 18 USC § 926A (2011) §926A. Interstate transportation of firearms Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of...
    3. Trailboss

      Supreme Court May Expand Right to Carry Firearms.

      I hate compromises of our rights! The auto ban was a result of a compromise with the Dems to allow interstate travel with legally owned firearms through highly restrictive states.
    4. Trailboss

      Meanwhile in Caddo Parish

      Only if you have a permit. If you are open carrying or have a firearm in the vehicle, it would be wise to inform the LEO, but not required.
    5. Trailboss

      Meanwhile in Caddo Parish

      Well, that's a new definition of open carry.
    6. Trailboss

      1911 Reliability

      Best buy and most reliable are two different questions, and don't always coincide in the same pistol. My 1954 Argentine Systema cost $300 20 years ago and will feed and eject everything including empty cases. Recently bought a new Tisas Tanker with hammer forged slide, barrel and frame for...
    7. Trailboss

      Odd contacts

      Common scammer ploy, report to the admin.
    8. Trailboss

      Camping Near New Orleans?

      Bayou Segnette State park in Westwego was nice, but I just stayed there for the gun shows. Don't know about any attractions in the park other than boat ramps for fishing the canals and Lake Cataouatche. Browse for their website.
    9. Trailboss

      Jim's Firearms

      So, sounds like they sold a gun they did not physically have, and when they ordered the gun they sold you they were hit with a price increase and cancelled your sale? If not intentional, the inmates are running the asylum and management oversight is lacking. If intentional, hmmmmm........
    10. Trailboss

      Daylight Saving Time Will Be Permanent 2023.

      Thanks, but the link is broken on my browser. I guess the LA bill will become moot if Congress passes their bill. I predict there will be a lot of complaining coming out in the winter 2023/24.
    11. Trailboss

      Daylight Saving Time Will Be Permanent 2023.

      Why fed approval? Two states and several territories do not observe DST now. If the DST becomes permanent, what will we call "standard time" that AZ, HI and Puerto Rico will be on?
    12. Trailboss

      ATF Shuts Down Firearm Manufacturer.

      Did no one read the article? If you can believe USA Today, the company declared bankruptcy after being sued, formed another company and lied to ATF to obtain a license for the new company. ATF later rescinded the license. When I was a poor yout, a Jennings 9mm was all I could afford, and it...
    13. Trailboss

      Food near NO airport

      We always hit Smitty's Seafood on West Esplanade near Williams Blvd
    14. Trailboss

      Why Ukraine Matters.

      Similar to one theory why we got into the Vietnam war. Using the "Domino theory" to prevent the spread of communism as well as to keep communist China and N.Vietnam from gaining control of strategic mineral deposits of tin, tungsten and bauxite in SE Asia.
    15. Trailboss

      What is one thing that you were taught or overheard when younger that you repeated with faith as accurate but is not?

      "mosquito hawk is a dragon fly" Looks like you just added another to the list.:chuckles:
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