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    1. Martman300

      WTB: Glock 26 gen 5 preferred / Bersa TPR9C similar sized DA/SA

      want to buy: Bersa TPR9C similar sized DA/SA 12 or more rounds Glock 26, gen 5 preferrered Located in Old Gretna and get to Baton Rouge once or twice a week.
    2. Martman300

      SOLD: Sell or trade - New Taurus G3C Toro with Sig Romeo Zero mounted

      Looking to trade for a Glock 26 (Gen 5 preferred) possibly a similar sized DA/SA. I have a New Taurus G3C Toro with a Sig Romeo Zero - the pistol itself is brand new, never been fired, still has the trigger guard tag on it. I have a good supply of batteries for the red dot as well. The red...
    3. Martman300

      WTS: Taurus G3C Toro slide with Sig Romeo Zero red dot

      Brand new slide never used/fired with a Sig Romeo Zero The red dot has the ”shake to awake” feature perfect for carry. This comes as you see, the slide only. The pistol is only for a display. The slide comes with 5 plates to be able to use any red dot. All the screws and the 2 Allen...
    4. Martman300

      WTS: Sell or trade multiple options 45ACP lot, or by the box

      Ammo prices are going up, just like gas prices. Currently 45 ACP is $30 a box for FMJ, & hollow points are $1.50 to $3 a round 45 ACP ammo lot, $400 OBO 475 rounds total buy it all, or by the box I will do a partial trade for a Glock 43/43X slide/upper I will trade the lot for a Glock...
    5. Martman300

      WTB: Glock 43/43X complete upper or the completed pis

      Just what the title says, ‘’looking to buy“ a complete upper assembly for the Glock 43/43X located in the Nola area, also get out to Baton Rouge regularly Would also consider a completed pistol, either one.
    6. Martman300

      WTB: Shotgun - cheap thinking a Mossberg Maverick 12 or 20 gauge Nola area (BR ok too)

      Looking to buy or trade 12 or 20 gauge shotgun thinking Mossberg, maybe the Maverick I am thinking ideally the security model would be ideal Not necessarily excellent condition, but need good condition I can buy it new at Academy for $228, so looking at $150-$175 depending on the condition Also...
    7. Martman300

      SOLD: SOLD Glock 26 or 27 or 43/43X 45 ACP ammo 515 rounds 288 premium hollow points, 227 FMJ

      45 ACP ammo lot 515 rounds total buy it all, or by the box I will do a partial trade for a Glock 43/43X slide/upper I will trade the lot for a Glock 26/27/43X/43 also will trade the lot for 1,000 rounds of 9mm possibly a mix of 9mm/12 gauge also need at least 500 9mm I have Atomic, Aquila...
    8. Martman300

      NLFS: WTT or WTS .45 acp Ammo 745 rounds of FMJ target Ammo.

      I have 745 rounds of assorted range or target Ammo in .45 acp. Looking to trade even for 1,000 rounds of the same in 9mm, with 50/60 rounds of hollow points. No steel cased Ammo, aluminum, brass or nickel is fine. I will also sell for $400 cash, or $30 a box. The cheapest I can find online...
    9. Martman300

      WTS: Bianchi leather holster for Beretta 92 variants and also Taurus PT92

      Here is a nice lined leather holster for the Beretta 92 variants this is a thumb break by Bianchi, meet the 19L I have tried the Beretta M9, 92fs, 92x, and also the Taurus PT92 I would think all variants would work as well as all clones. The thumb break is tight, tighter on some variants than...
    10. Martman300

      NLFS: 45 ACP Lot with pearl grips and Wilson Combat magazine 1,150 rounds by the box or all of it.

      45ACP Bundle! 1,150 rounds! New Price is firm. No 2/3 box maximum here. I have 745 rounds of ball Ammo FMJ I have 405 rounds of self defense HP’s 100+ of the HP’s are +P Ammo (Atomic & HST) I would rather sell the whole lot in one pop or as a lot of FMJ or HP Price for everything is $700...
    11. Martman300

      New Taurus PT92 Polished Stainless $499

      Taurus, PT92, 9MM, 5" Barrel, Stainless Steel, 17 Rounds, 2 Magazines Verified Member FFL eddymg A+(285) Here is a listing I stumbled on for a Taurus PT92 brand new, 13 left for $499 with $25 shipping. this comes in a polished stainless its listed on Gunbroker. I just searched “TAURUS PT92”
    12. Martman300

      SOLD: Turkey Fryer Pots - 2 $75 for both or $40 each.

      Here are 2 Turkey fryer or boiling pots with the lids and Turkey rack. Both come with a rack. Both are as new never used. The larger one has a small ding in the bottom, see the pics. $75 for the pair or $40 each or can swap for 9mm Ammo 2-4 boxes Located in old Gretna.
    13. Martman300

      WTS: Schwinn Roadster toddler tricycle 2 to 5 year olds

      Here is a nice Schwinn Roadster tricycle. This is in great condition, as new. The grand daughter got too many riding toys, so this was hardly used. The wheels are 12” front & 8” rear. retail on Amazon is $120 located in old Gretna - $80 OBO can also swap for 9mm Ammo 4 boxes. A great...
    14. Martman300

      WTS: 45 ACP HP defense Ammo. Atomic - Black Talon - Speer 100 rounds

      Here is 100 rounds of 45 acp HP ammo Mostly Atomic +P This is hot, see the specs the breakdown is below. 90 rounds Atomic 6 rounds Speer 4 rounds of Black Talons located in Old Gretna price is $150
    15. Martman300

      Beretta 92x holster options any suggestions? Any experience with Urban Carry Lock leather

      Anyone have any suggestions for a holster fr a Beretta 92X? I don’t see a let of options for Beretta period, much less the 92X. The trigger guard is rounded vs the more Glock/combat style in the 92FS models. I found one on the Urban carry site, not real high on a universal type thing. Anyone...
    16. Martman300

      Beretta fans here’s a double deal This is the Beretta 92x, the FR with 3 10 round magazines for $499, or search and they also have the same pistol with 3 17 round mags for $559. Picking mine up tomorrow, Bought it Thursday night...
    17. Martman300

      Taurus TX 22

      These are hard to find at full retail even. TX22 $279
    18. Martman300

      Blazer Brass ammo $16.99 a box Blazer Brass ammo at $16.99 a box, same price for 1 box, 10, or 20. I passed on it, then went to Cabellas and Academy, see 9mm $25 to $30 a box. Decided to hop on this to feed the new Beretta that’s coming.
    19. Martman300

      SOLD: ATI Titan Officers Sized 1911 45acp $500 OBO trades considered sold to Nolashooter thanks!

      Here is a LW Titan by ATI This is an officers sized 45acp powered 1911 This pistol has all the upgrades, including a Reliable Kimber recoil spring assembly Its a parkerized finish with Hogue grips to tame the flame, the recoil. This comes with 3 7 round magazines, it can also use full size...
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