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    1. M

      Open Carry Laws

      Ms. state constitution, art. 3 sec 12 CLEARLY states every citizen has a right to bear arms, this right "shall not be called into question." Also in the same constitutional cite, it states the state has the right to regulate CONCEALED carry. Problem is, according to the Ms. attorney general's...
    2. M

      Should torturing be legal?

      After reading ALL the posts on this topic, I can say with a degree of certainty that fascism is alive and well in the united States. How disgusting to know there are Amerikans who have NO qualms about harming and violating others, all in the name of the state. God save (what's left of)the Republic.
    3. M

      Open Carry vs. No Carry

      Merely because the state regularly violates a citizens right to travel doesn't lend any constitutional credence to their criminal behavior. Quick quiz: if the first automobile hit the roads circa 1886 and the first driver's "license" didn't appear until appx. 1935, were the drivers of those 50...
    4. M

      Open Carry vs. No Carry

      Dawg 23, Let me enlighten you. If you study the real law/history of this country, you'd quickly learn a driver's "license" is NOT needed. We've all been brainwashed into believing "driving is a privilege." It's not. Marriage license? Nope, you can marry without one. Can you name one instance...
    5. M

      Disturbing the peace

      Funny you should mention that, at this time. I'm trying to convince/motivate Ashton O'Dwyer to move on this matter. It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, IMHO. As the old saying goes, "justice delayed is justice denied." I'm going to call him (again) right now. Thanks for asking.
    6. M

      Gun Rights Question

      NRA is still fighting that battle. Yea. Uh huh. And they will CONTINUE to "fight that battle" as long as it helps them seperate the fools from their money. Other than myself, has anyone noticed the NRA (negotiate rights away) has NOT made any effort to have those rogue, CRIMINAL cops ARRESTED...
    7. M

      Why Open Carry (instead of Carrying Concealed?)

      Until such a time as the Louisiana legislature honors the right of the citizen to carry concealed withOUT a permit, I will continue to open carry.
    8. M

      Louisiana Open carry thread over at THR

      Okay, and what association does that have with my post? Some cops "work under good faith," most work under the premise that THEY are the law, the rule of law be damned. I could write a book on this subject, all drawn from firsthand experience.
    9. M

      Louisiana Open carry thread over at THR

      Until you finish 6 years of law school, consider this. If one of us could appear before a grand jury, present testimony/evidence of CRIMINAL wrongdoing by the rogue cops, have them indicted/prosecuted under CRIMINAL law. This is how you overcome all attorney's objections of: 1. it's not polite...
    10. M

      Permission to carry history (Animated map)

      If you have a "right" to carry, why is everyone so worked up over a permit?
    11. M

      Louisiana Open carry thread over at THR

      I'm tired, no, I'm BEYOND tired of these, exact sets of circumstances being replayed all over the state and the country. It's time for the truly faithful to create a fund to litigate against these criminal cops. ALL proceeds from any victories would go back into the fund. Monthly dues, $25 or...
    12. M

      Disturbing the peace

      In the Marchiafava case, the exact charge was LRS 14:95, illegal carrying of a weapon. If you read it, I was not in violation of any subsection thereof. Hence, the DA, Tony Falterman, had enough sense to realize it. There were NO other charges.
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