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      Meanwhile at the Legislature

      Horse and pony show with elections close.
    2. B

      Beeman back on the AT. Getting better, but a long ways to go.

      what a great vacation and adventure to have, stay safe and thank you for sharing
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      Young, Dumb & Full of Lead

      I've heard and seen a lot of dumb spit in this world and Country, especially in the last two years. This however is pretty far up toward number one.
    4. B

      New Law Relative to Carjacking.

      One issue I see with this ''law'' is that there is no stiffer penalties for the carjacker to deter them from getting involved in the crime. Slap on the wrist and they are back out committing more crimes because they keep getting away with it. Only makes for more embolden criminals due to age...
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      FYI if you live in zip code 70123 - purchasing ammo online

      Hmmm... how do we say Unconstitutional No locality can make or enforce laws that are more restrictive than that of the state. Think I remember this from Civics class over 30 years ago.
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      Shaving razor question

      I use Van Der Hagen razor and blades made in Germany Like it a lot, trims up my beard nice and neat even around my mouth. Find that it last longer than the Mach blades I used for years.
    7. B

      600 Firearms Seized From Amish Farmer.

      have not determined if ANY laws were broken........... WOW
    8. B

      Bayou Shooter Pmag giveaway

      I'm In, Thanks
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      Wild Wild NOLA

      Not surprised at all either, More shocking is the cars being captured on cell phones and uploaded to social media with the NOPD asking for tips and or information. UHMM lets see there is video evidence with License plates, faces and so on.... WHAT more do you need to do your job. Not to mention...
    10. B

      Lawsuit Against Firearm Manufacturers.

      Send troups to Ukraine because we must respect a countries borders and sovereignty, well thats what the puppets in DC are spewing. Guess they don't view the USA as a country anymore or is it our border is the only one on the globe that doesnt matter to the elite ? Not to mention Constitution or...
    11. B

      Hog hunting

      Not sure about around New Orleans particularly On the Northshore you can hunt the Honey Island refuge which is pretty thick with hogs.
    12. B

      Sale price versus trade value .

      I don't understand a good bit of this crazy world we live in much less some of the two legged critters With you on that though it just does not make any sense.
    13. B


      are you asking about people posting ''bump'' in their for sale adds ?
    14. B

      Ammo Prices

      This is not the first time in the last 30 years or so that prices have gone up and or shortages have come around due to administration changes, laws or other bull spit. Prices will stay a bit higher due to and if components / raw materials cost is up due to economic pressures. Once that falls...
    15. B


      Anyone can look through the threads here with or without an account This is why you do NOT post your phone number or email address so members are only able to contact you via PM
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      Hmmmm whats Biden to do now

      cant line their pockets if we are not involved in conflict or at war. flat out sickening to see our ''leaders'' weak and or hating our Country and Ideals.
    17. B

      Common Knowledge For The "High Rollers".

      Yes they have too over 10K Not required under that amount but it depends on the direction of the wind that day I suppose. There is even a form to fill out if you are withdrawing cash from YOUR account as well. Worked out a cash deal when buying my wife's new camera body, went to the bank for...
    18. B

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Home Depot

      Tis the season for scammers
    19. B

      CHP Renewal Issue on LSP Website and another Question...

      my father in law just tried to renew online and kept getting some flack and error message. Had to call LSP baton rouge and after speaking with the nice lady several times eventually a supervisor had to help the issue and get the process done. Apparently they are having a huge issue with the website.
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      Jeep Restoration Update December 10, 2021

      making great progress, looks great
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