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      Honda CRV reliability - dead as a hammer.\update check box to the right of the screen , above the add to cart, to see if it fits your car model lx, ex, touring, etc...
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      Mass shooting in Buffalo NY

      It's all good If you saw the 46sec of the actual shooting part of the video, he's firing at everyone. Killed the girl outside first, who appears to be white. Makes no sense after going inside and shooting everything that moved, he would pass on that person, ......and apologize .... Almost...
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      Mass shooting in Buffalo NY

      Only if you were the guy laying on the ground...:doh:
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      Mass shooting in Buffalo NY

      This guy needs to be interviewed
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      Mass shooting in Buffalo NY

      In the video he has already shot 4 outside, possibly more as he shoots the van up. Goes in and shoots 2 more, stops to reload and is walking down an isle when security comes out of a side room and is just squeezing rds off and shot instantly
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      Mass shooting in Buffalo NY

      Well, he did use a AR, and he live streamed his insane rampage. The streaming was cut off at 46seconds. Saw it last night around 10. Don't know if it's still available and don't care to see it again. It's stomach turning edit ... the little sick **** coward gives up when surrounded by cops...
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      Mark one for a gun toting mother protecting her family in Texas.

      Police found him sitting in a chair in the backyard.... Bet he was thinking ....boy I ****** up big time now...
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      If Glocks were never invented.

      You have the original .gov Springfield Armory (closed in 1968) mixed in with the commercial Springfield Armory Inc. which opened in 1974
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      Grinder 4.5" what brand and power level.

      Milwaukee, Matabo (Makita) Dewalt. Always get the highest amp rating. 7amp vs 4amp. When buying combo kits,beware they usually put the low amp tools in them Buy once ..Cry once
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      WTS Charter Arms 53820 Undercover Lite Standard Single/Double 38 Special 2" 5rd Stainless $350

      Please send me a PM when you do. 45acp or 45lc 2.5" barrel Blue or Stainless
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      WTS Charter Arms 53820 Undercover Lite Standard Single/Double 38 Special 2" 5rd Stainless $350

      Do you have the 45lc or the 45acp in stock..if not how long of a wait time ?
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      Armor and Destructive Devices

      FJB just said the other day you can't buy a cannon Send him a pic:bravo:
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      Louisiana May be Close to Concealed Carry Without Permit.

      I don't have a problem, Louisiana has a problem.. Really don't matter if BR or NOLA keeps competing for #1 This state is...
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      Louisiana May be Close to Concealed Carry Without Permit.

      Homicide rates= per capita= every 100,000 population Baton Rouge..... 46.5 per 100k New Orleans......31 per 100k Read the articles
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      Smith & Wesson Model 66

      That would lower the impact point as stated
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      Are We That Stupid?

      You can go on and on and on etc...but the bottom line is the republicants hold a majority in both houses and didn't even make a effort to exert their power. Blaming the governor for threatening to withhold funds for special projects in their districts.. ******** The legislature has the power of...
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      Are We That Stupid?

      Here we go soon some forget Blaming the Gov and democrats. Here's the problem replubli..cants
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