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    1. ewebb10

      Bayou Shooter Pmag giveaway

    2. ewebb10

      SOLD: Kidd 10-22 *SOLD*

      Is this still available?
    3. ewebb10

      Breakfast Requested!--Caution! More Biscuit Pictures Added.

      You're the man! I'm going to try them out this weekend. Only I'm going to substitute the honey for Labeeman cane syrup!
    4. ewebb10

      Breakfast Requested!--Caution! More Biscuit Pictures Added.

      Would you share your biscuit recipe?
    5. ewebb10

      NLFS: Sold out !!! Cane Syrup for Sale

      I will be by on my lunch break. That stuff is so good!
    6. ewebb10

      Where are the syrup makers ?????

      Definitely put me down for some. Do you have any honey left? I'm running out of that too.
    7. ewebb10

      Red Beans with Smoked Ham Hocks, Andouille and Smoked Sausage

      I'm going to have to give Baileys another try then.
    8. ewebb10

      Red Beans with Smoked Ham Hocks, Andouille and Smoked Sausage

      So you like Bailey’s better than jacobs or Wayne jacobs?
    9. ewebb10

      Dear Security Manager

      Kind of early in the day to be hammered...
    10. ewebb10

      21 Lbs of Pork Butts on the Keg!

      +1 Keep em coming!
    11. ewebb10

      21 Lbs of Pork Butts on the Keg!

      Where do you get your gunz & roses seasoning? I can’t find it after leblancs turned into rouses.
    12. ewebb10

      Coolers Better Than Yeti

      *Yeti Coolers, a go-to for sportsmen around the country, is cutting ties with the NRA Foundation without explanation or prior notice.* Pretty good reason not to buy yeti.
    13. ewebb10

      WTS: Sub-2K Gen2 9mm Glock 19 mags

      Steve, You are out of pm space.
    14. ewebb10

      Knife Sharpener

      Be careful with cheap knives. Cheap knives are made from cheap steel and depending on what it is they can be a total pain in the ass to sharpen. The used old hickory knives on ebay are cheap and not bad to learn on. When you start take a sharpie and color the bevel and up the side of the blade...
    15. ewebb10

      Knife Sharpener

      It is definitely awkward at first but once you get the hang of it it works really well. And yeah pretty expensive, not Japanese natural stone expensive but that’s a whole nother rabbit hole. To the OPs original question I’d probably go lanskys or I hear good things about the spiderco sharpmaker.
    16. ewebb10

      Knife Sharpener

      I went from a Lansky to an edge pro to free handing on stones. Free handing might not be everyone's cup of tea but I find it very satisfying to take a piece of metal to a rock and come away with a razor sharp edge.
    17. ewebb10

      Moms,washing machines, and a 14 year journey to the dome

      Look at the size of that boy! I think I'm gong to start feeding my son more honey ;) Congrats man that's awesome.
    18. ewebb10

      This years Darwin Award goes to...

      I don't know. I think that .50AE just fixed stupid.
    19. ewebb10

      Biscuit Envie

      N4sir, you ever think about putting together a cookbook? Cause if you ever do I want one!
    20. ewebb10

      Biscuit Envie

      Leave it to you to make something as nasty as bologna look tasty. Would you mind sharing that biscuit recipe?
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