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    1. nomadicdread

      BOLO Stolen Firearms

      I haven't posted much since I moved but, back in October my home was burglarized, firearms (including the safe), ammo, digital camera equipment, and a few other things were stolen. The short story is, I was out over-night and came home the next morning, discovering that I had been robbed. I...
    2. nomadicdread

      Female Instructors?

      I'm looking for a female instructor in the New Orleans area. I've spent a few months discussing firearms with a female friend and she's now ready for more of a tactile understanding.
    3. nomadicdread

      Honey Island

      I miss that range. That is all.
    4. nomadicdread

      Yankee Hill Free Float, Old Type

      Does anyone have any tips on removing the old type of Yankee Hill free float barrel nuts?
    5. nomadicdread

      WTB: Aero Precision, Essential Arms, or Red Jacket Stripped Lowers

      I'm looking to buy Aero Precision, Essential Arms, or Red Jackeet stripped lowers at non currently inflated panic prices. I'm in Seattle right now but, I'll be home (New Orleans) on the 25th. I have a stripped upper from BCM with the ejection port cover and forward assist installed that I...
    6. nomadicdread

      BCM Barrels

      Does anyone know if the BCM 14.5" Midlength barrel is .625 or .750?
    7. nomadicdread

      AR Pistol....WHY AM I DOING THIS?

      I got this wild hair to build a couple matching AR Pistols (both stripped lowers are RGuns 5.56 FDE or sand or whatever). Maybe it would just be cool to have, since I'm not interested in the the process and paying tax on a SBR but, more logically, I think about possible legislations and it...
    8. nomadicdread

      P226 FDE

      I just want to know who picked up the P226 in FDE from Jefferson Gun Outlet the day before or after Christmas. I took my sweet time looking at it on the 24th, and I came back on the 26th, it was gone and I was heart broken.:wtc:
    9. nomadicdread

      Marines; Sighting in Rifles

      A former Marine told me that in boot camp, they sight in using feet, not yards or meters. I challenged him on this because I've never heard of anyone using feet to sight in. Can someone clarify this for me?
    10. nomadicdread


      Why are there so many for sale, so often the forum?
    11. nomadicdread

      SOLD: Spikes 16" Mid Length Upper

      I have a new Spikes 16" Mid Length upper with BCG and charging handle that I would like to trade for a Spikes for Bravo 14.5" upper with BCG, charging handle, flash hider and hand guard. PM or text 904.483.7095 Stock photo of exact upper
    12. nomadicdread

      Looking for a new job.

      It's finally dawned on me to try my luck here and I don't recall this being against the forum rules, so why not! For the past eleven years I have been working in the event production and trade show industries. Since moving to New Orleans, I've learned just how seasonal those industries are in...
    13. nomadicdread

      XXL Operator Hat?

      Where can I locally buy a XXL Operator Hat?
    14. nomadicdread

      CC in New Orleans House of Worship

      Does anyone know of or attend a house of worship that allows CC?
    15. nomadicdread

      WTS: Remington 700 5R .308 PRICE DROP!

      Remington 700 5R .308 Stainless Steel barrel, X-Mark Pro trigger, Harris Bipod, soft case and proof of processing from Cajun Cryogenics. It has been processed twice. The scope is not included. Here is a link for more info about the rifle. $900 FTF
    16. nomadicdread

      Sold-Remington Marine Magnum-Sold

      Remington Marine Magnum 12g 2.5" and 3", 6+1 capacity $500 FTF. No trades. It has a stain on the left side of the receiver.
    17. nomadicdread

      Sold-Mossburg 510 20G-SOLD

      I purchased this from Academy Sports in October. It comes with three chokes, owners manual, lock, and original box. $200 Email: Phone: , text please.
    18. nomadicdread

      SOLD FS Saiga AK-47

      I purchased this from another member in the sporting configuration. I did the conversion myself. It includes ACE folding skeleton stock, Arsenal single stage trigger, Hogue pistol grip with storage kit, Speedy two point sling, (1) 20rd ProMag, (3) 20rd SGM Tactical, (1) 5rd Saiga magazines...
    19. nomadicdread

      Saiga Trigger Mod

      Is there any way to get a crisp trigger pull as with a AR? I have a Saiga in7.62 with a Arsenal trigger group and stock spring.
    20. nomadicdread

      My new AR

      I'd like to take a moment and shine. I am now a proud owner AR with Spikes lower and Bravo upper. I can't wait to shoot!
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