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    1. Jman1911

      1911 Gunsmith Recommendation - BR Area

      Loyd is jam up!!!
    2. Jman1911

      SOLD: Lee Classic Cast Press

      SOLD! Thanks
    3. Jman1911

      SOLD: Redding NXGEN 38/357 Pro Dies

      Like new in box set that I’m no longer in need of. Just thinning out multiple sets of dies! Located in Walker. Cash or Venmo 160.00
    4. Jman1911

      SOLD: Forster 7mm-08 UltraMicrometer Dies

      Like new in Box Forster 7mm-08 UltraMicrometer Die set. Located in Walker Cash : 100.00
    5. Jman1911

      New to Reloading but having some problems

      I have a new set of RCBS 308 dies if you’d like a good price on them.
    6. Jman1911

      New to Reloading but having some problems

      Yes they will sir.
    7. Jman1911

      New to Reloading but having some problems

      I have a new set of RCBS dies in my tool box you're welcome to for a very reasonable price! never had any issues with them! Are you camming die over slightly on the sizing process? What lube are you using as well?
    8. Jman1911

      Summit or RockChucker?

      My son absolutely loves our Forster Coax!
    9. Jman1911

      Summit or RockChucker?

      Summit turned out to be a pretty cool heavy duty press! Ended up with all kinds of presses now and they each serve their own niche for my needs!
    10. Jman1911

      SOLD: Hornady 35 Whelen Brass

      Bought this for someone because it’s very hard to come by and they changed their mind. 160.00
    11. Jman1911

      SOLD: Sig P365X

    12. Jman1911

      Gun Shop in Denham Springs, La

      Pot meet kettle with your **** poor trolling non welcoming attitude. If your ffl is better by all means use him. No need to stop and complain and someone who you will never do business with just to peck away ignorant comments about someone you don’t know. Some of y’all are the same ones that...
    13. Jman1911

      Gun Shop in Denham Springs, La

      I’ve done plenty of Transactions with Chris and he’s helped me out tremendously on finding items that can’t be found for myself and dear friends. I still have transactions in the works! From firearms to reloading components. It appears this has turned into a dumpster fire instead of a welcoming...
    14. Jman1911

      Gun Shop in Denham Springs, La

      Then keep it moving…. ‍
    15. Jman1911

      Gun Shop in Denham Springs, La

      He’s good people bud!
    16. Jman1911


      I’d bench prime over hand prime any day.
    17. Jman1911


      Brian at Louisiana Gun & Reloading will be most Helpful! Tell him Jay Miller sent ya!
    18. Jman1911

      NLFS: Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357mag

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