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      What color is the sky in his world

      Biden just said he will release 30 million barrels of oil to ease the price at the pump.. The USA uses 20+ million barrels of oil a day Do the math
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      SOLD: WTS or TRADE 45-70 ammo

      COR-BON DPX 45-70 300grn .....solid copper hollow point For use in modern lever or modern Sharps / HI-Wall single shots. Not for use in original, period correct firearms. I'm not sure about modern single shot crack barrels like the H&R. You'll have to check with H&R or COR-BON. ......" I...
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      WTS: Burris Speedbead shotgun mount for Beretta

      Got this in a package deal recently that I bought for another item in the package. Fits BerettaXtrema/2 ..391..391light.. Urika/2 For what it's worth, I put one of these on my grandson's 870 20ga and his speed and accuracy increased dramatically I was told it was mounted but never used. Has...
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      WTS: Reproduction M6...M14 Bayonet & scabbard

      This is what SARCO was selling awhile back.. New M6 reproduction bayonet & scabbard for M14/M1a rifle... again ..not original USGI.. This will only attach to flash hider if the bayonet lug is present, not the SPRINGFIELD INC type with the lug cut off $60 shipped ..$50 ftf in the Hammond...
    5. F

      engine rebuilds

      Anyone know where I can get a 4.7 V8 Toyota rebuilt/ worked on. Think the heads warped after a overheating incident No shadetree mechanics
    6. F

      SOLD: Beretta 1201FP 12g

      1201 FP 20" chrome barrel 3''chamber.. holds 5.. 3'' in the mag tube + 1 in the chamber, or 6.. 2 3/4" in the tube + 1 Not choked...Cylinder Bore .....Shotgun is Matte Black .. not grey like the pic came out Pistol grip stock has 1/2 removable spacers for L.O.P adjustments .. with both...
    7. F

      SOLD: Mossberg MVP Predator 7.62

      18.5 fluted barrel w/mount and box. Less then a 20 rd box fired thru it .. 1-10rd factory mag...1- "unmarked" 20rd M1A/M14 mag $425.00 FTF in the Ponch/Hammond area... Will drive some for out of town sale. No trades interest as of now.. Contact me with a PM
    8. F

      WTB: Cz 527 ...7.62x39

      Looking for one with the iron sights, drilled and taped receiver for a scope. Wood stock, but will consider the polymer. Send me a PM here.
    9. F

      WTB: .45 SUPER brass

      Like the title says... Looking for some new or fired .45 SUPER.....20 to 100 pcs.. Starline has a minimum order of 500pcs, which is too much for me, but if someone wants to split an order, I'm open to that. contact me here thru a PM...
    10. F

      WTS: ECHO Chainsaw... CS 590.. commercial grade

      CS 590 Timberwolf.. 20"bar/chain NO LONGER FOR SALE
    11. F

      SOLD: H & R M14 kit

      This is an all USGI Harrington Richardson M14 parts kit. It came from the CMP many years ago when they were available. USGI walnut wood stock and USGI fiberglass stock included . Both have repairs to them and are GTG. Hand guard is included but not in the pics. New HR op rod spring and...
    12. F

      SOLD: S & W.. 642-2 w/ ankle holster

      SOLD ....... Thanks for looking
    13. F

      SOLD: ZQI....7.62x51..[.308 ]

      .....147grn FMJ....BOXER PRIMED I have white and green boxes, mostly white. It's all the same though. Some stamped MKE 13, some MKE 14. .... Shoots great from my FAL's and M1a's. Even the bolt guns. Not match grade ammo , but I ain't shootin matches. I'm selling the ZQI because it's...
    14. F

      SOLD: 8mm mauser ammo..

      Surplus Yugo 8mm mauser,,, "15 rds per box",,, corrosive primed. 196 grn. Sealed primers and projectile,,, Early to mid 1950's headstamp. I have some unopened cans of USGI corrosive bore cleaner also. Buy 20 boxes and I'll throw in the cleaner. Buy 10 or more boxes and I'll drive halfway...
    15. F

      WTB: utility trailer.......... Got one

      PICKED ONE UP LOCAL....Thanks for the interest..... Something in the 5'x10'-6'x12' range. Nothing fancy, just good tires and working lights. I can weld if it needs repairs. Would like it to have a ramp but not necessary. I can buy new 5x10 with ramp 15" tires and 3500# axles for under...
    16. F


      Anyone know if the Guard is still handing them out, and where?
    17. F

      SOLD: '86 Big Red

      Runs great. Electric start, reverse, shaft drive. Headlight detaches to use as a spotlight. Battery went dead about 3 months ago and I haven't run it since. Also have a rare Big Red mud flap that needs some of the attachement brackets replaced. It has cracked fenders, seat cover and front brake...
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