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      SOLD: Sig P320 M17 for Glock 19X or Gen 5 G17

      I really hate to do this because I just picked this one up a couple of days ago but I have tried to move to all Glock to make sure I can switch from gun to gun and not have to worry about different techniques. This thing is sweet and I really like the trigger but as with any new gun I started...

      WTB: PSA Dagger Upper

      Wanted to see if anybody has a PSA Dagger upper. Looking for the non-threaded barrel one. I am in the New Orleans area but will travel a little for a deal. Thanks for looking.

      NLFS: PSA Dagger

      Looking for a PSA Dagger. The plain Jane base model. Not looking to spend some crazy price for it. I can order one for $329 off the PSA website so please don’t come at me with Glock pricing because it isn’t a Glock. Would prefer to stay relatively close to New Orleans but understand there are...

      WTT: Knives for Glock 45, 30sf or 36

      This may be a long shot but I know there are some guys who are equally knife collectors as well as gun guys. I am really trying to consolidate my gun collection toward Glock and that may require reducing my knife collection. I have three knives I am willing to give up. These are all brand new...

      NLFS: Glock 43 magazine for Glock 26, 43X, 19, 17 or Sig 365 Mag

      I have a relatively brand new Glock 43 magazine with pinky extension that I would like to even trade for one of the following mags. Looking to do the trade in greater New Orleans area. Thanks. Glock 17 Glock 19 Glock 26 Glock 43X, 48 Can be Glock OEM or Magpul or possibly one of the ETS...

      NLFS: Glock 19 Gen 4, Glock 45, or Glock 48?

      Anybody in the New Orleans area looking to unload a Gen 4 Glock 19? Looking for a reasonably priced one. Can be all stock but prefer new or slightly used. If you are wanting an outrageous amount then don’t bother messaging me. I am not looking to pay more than the price of a new Gen 5 or even a...

      Need help with an AR Upper in New Orleans Area

      I built an AR pistol upper but I am not extremely confident I did everything right. Anybody in the New Orleans area willing to give it a once over? Thanks

      NLFS: Glock 43 for Gen 5 G19, G26 or G45

      Howdy, I am looking to trade my G43 with multiple holsters, night sights and an extended mag with original box for a Gen 5 G19, G26 or G45. Straight up stock would be fine. Anybody looking to downsize and have one of them sitting in their safe? I know there is a price difference and I am...

      NLFS: G48 or G19 in New Orleans Area

      Hello Bayoushooters, I am in search of a Glock 48 or 19 in new or almost new condition in the New Orleans area. I know there has to be someone who has one sitting in their safe (probably new or barely used) that they wouldn’t mind getting some cash for so they can buy their next gun. I am not...

      SOLD: Kahr CM9 with accessories $325 in NOLA

      Up for sale is a nice low round count Kahr CM9. Kahr makes a well made handgun and I really liked it but have too many guns the same size that I have spent money on and this one has to go. This is a great way to get up and running with a conceal carry gun. Comes with everything in the picture as...

      WTB: PS4 Wireless Controller in New Orleans

      Anybody in the New Orleans area have a PS4 Wireless controller they would sell? I have searched online and called places and there doesn’t seem to be any. I ordered one but it may take a few days and my son is driving me crazy. His was going out and we said we would get him one if he did some...

      SOLD: Spyderco Tenacious Clip

      Might be a long shot but who knows. I am looking for a clip for a Spyderco Tenacious. It doesn’t matter if it is deep carry or a standard factory OEM. Actually, I would prefer an OEM. If you have the screws that is a bonus but if not I will live. I am actually needing one for an Ambitious but I...

      SOLD: Ruger LCP II for a Knife in New Orleans

      Alright, let me start by saying I don’t have to trade this if I don’t get what I am looking for. I am not desperate and will not eat it as far as taking a gigantic loss. Having said that the knives I am looking for are definitely less than what the value is of the gun but I don’t have a stash of...

      SOLD: Polymer80 Glock 19 kit for Knife in New Orleans

      I am looking to trade my Polymer80 G19 kit for a knife. I thought I would be be able to work on the kit but I have way too many projects I need to get to and it is just sitting in my safe. I am also obsessed with knives right now because I am using a knife at work like crazy so I have bought a...

      SOLD: Ruger LCP OR LCP II in New Orleans

      Interested in buying a Ruger LCP or LCP II. I would prefer a LCP II but if the price is right I will take a regular LCP. Now, I have two conditions. First, I would prefer to find something in the greater New Orleans area. Second, know that I can drive to Academy Sports and buy a new LCP for $199...

      SOLD: Or WTT Sig SB15 Brace

      Up for sale or trade is a Sig SB15 brace. Put it on my pistol but never shot with it and now I have something else. Don’t need it any more. I will sell for $40 or trade for a higher end charging handle, sling with QD attachments, decent tactical backpack or a decent knife. Do not want to ship...

      SOLD: Long Shot But Looking for 4 Saints Tix for Atlanta

      I know it is a long shot but I have some relatives coming in for Thanksgiving and looking for 4 tickets to the Atlanta game. Yeah, I know they are hot right now but if I could stay under $200 each I would be very happy. Could be nosebleed sections. I don’t care at this point. Please message me...

      SOLD: Standard weights for Olympic weights ***More trades and cash price added

      Kind of a weird one but I have an abundance of standard weights that I just will never end up using. My first preference would be to trade them for Olympic size weights. Ideally I would trade for bumper plates but that may be a stretch. I will trade them with an overage on my side since they...

      SOLD: Ruger LCP Custom for Verizon Iphone SE

      Alright, I have a Ruger LCP Custom that I would like to trade for an IPhone SE that is for Verizon. I don't care about the color because it will be going in a case but I do want something higher than the 16GB model and I would like something that is as new as possible. I don't want a beaten up...

      SOLD: Monarch 38 Special ammo and 5.56 ammo

      Up for sale is some 38 special and 5.56 ammo. I am just not using this ammo and need some cash. I do not want to sell either ammo as individual boxes. You can buy all the 38 special, all the 5.56 or the entire group. Not really worth selling a box here and there. I want the sale to be FTF in the...
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