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    1. 340six

      Grinder 4.5" what brand and power level.

      Mosly grind welds, cut sheet metal, and gring down welds om sheet metal. Used in conjunction with drilling out spot welds. After cutting spot welds need grinding them flat. Maybe some light metal cutting of smaller size merals with cut off (wheel death wheel) My old ones are, really rough but...
    2. 340six

      Just some Bread

      Figured that this subfourm was dormant so posting a few pics of some home made Italian / French / Cheese I made up.
    3. 340six

      Not very healty

      But good
    4. 340six

      3 pounds Black Eye Peas and a large Ham Bone

      Onions and garlic. Some 15 cent a pound cabbage and sasage, black pepper, onions. No salt added as the sausage and ham have more than enough. And us old guys gotta cut back ya know. After cutting back you taste some things and it really taste salty.
    5. 340six

      Ooooh That Smell

      Today my wife wanted to go to Sam's Club so off we go. I am looking at something and I smell a combo of Funk, Weed, and Patchouli. It is a guy that just walked up behind us. We grab quickly what we,are looking at and move on. It was a lingering thing that I still smelled even after we were not...
    6. 340six

      Little pig little pig let me in.

      It has been some time since I stuffed a pork roast so it was time. Stuffed it with some apple/chicken smoked sausage that i poked plenty and tied it up tight. But split open after cooking when I cut the string off. So looks not so pretty but will taste fine anway. The flavored from the sausage...
    7. 340six


      Just seeing how it would work.
    8. 340six

      It is not Taco Bell but guess it will do

      Cooked down 7 pounds chicken, shredded it (passed diced) Added onions, garlic, chili's, spices and cooking it down for chicken tacos, and cooked down ground pork and beef 50/50 Onions, garlic, mushrooms, blended tomatoes, spices as a base for what I hope is Spanish Style Rice. Cut up 10...
    9. 340six

      ivermectin overdoses I know some guys were discussing taking this in some threads.
    10. 340six

      Was there a thread here that talked about CCW durning storm ok no permit?

      Some said there was something posted about that but did not see one? Think the member posted some link and a snippet from it that said since emergency ok? On a side note, I saw a ton of Open Carry the last few days that I did consider unsafe but will leave it at that.
    11. 340six

      Mre, water, ice?

      I am in Kenner-Metaire area. Since it hit I have been Sharing my stash with others. I did not see any places set up where they were last time. So assume there not set up. If there are please post or PM me thanks.
    12. 340six

      Active Bomb Threat in DC

      Looking at it live on Fox. Looks like a live stream here
    13. 340six

      What 1911 OTW Holster in leather

      Right hand , strap is a must I have IWB but want to wear outside the pants. Good looks is also a plus.
    14. 340six

      Edwards at it again. Mask up.
    15. 340six

      11 people in custody after hourslong armed standoff on I-95 Here is a Snippet. *You can imagine 11 armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at 2 in the morning certainly raises concerns and is not consistent with the firearms laws that we...
    16. 340six

      Pineapples, Tuna and Coke
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