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    1. 340six

      50 Firearms & 10,000 Rounds Seized in Louisiana Drug Bust.

      I was thinking same thing. Bet some of it is 22lr as well.
    2. 340six

      HK P7 ;). Got wood?

      Great find there Ryan
    3. 340six

      Describe how the proceedings of an LA CHP Appeal works

      Looks like this thread has run it's course and no longer has any usefulness.
    4. 340six

      New to Reloading but having some problems

      I may have went overboard. But have to many of these. You can see 100% what's going on.
    5. 340six

      New member from Biloxi

    6. 340six

      Wheel Weights and Linotype

      Yes we have casters here. I am one.
    7. 340six

      Odd contacts

      He's gone pecan. See the line in the middle of his screen name?
    8. 340six


      You could have just said thanks in your intro thread Instead of help. Or commented on some threads.
    9. 340six


      I just watched the movie on Sunday. My wife says I am now less intelligent since viewing it. But I know to........ " Consult the book of armaments " before use
    10. 340six


    11. 340six

      Saying Hi

    12. 340six

      Hunting for an extra mag for your pre-'93 .270/.30-06 Browning BAR?

      The post was made as,a,heads 2013. He was not the seller
    13. 340six

      What are all the acronyms

      NSFW = It must be good open it
    14. 340six

      Hello ALL

      He's been booted.
    15. 340six


    16. 340six

      New member

    17. 340six

      New member

    18. 340six

      How to post a classified ad

      You just posted this in the MarketPlace. Your adverisment was moved here. Since it was,a,question not an adverstisment. So do the same thing, except add a picture and put a price and how you want to be contacted.
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