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    1. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Glock 21 Gen4

      I FOUND ONE!
    2. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Beretta M9

      Howdy All, Looking to buy a Beretta M9 pistol. Not looking for a 92 model; I specifically want a pistol with military M9 markings. (Yeah, I know it's basically the same thing but I really just like the way the M9 looks...) Not looking for a safe queen in particular so used works for me...
    3. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Sig Cross .308 16”

      Looking for a Sig Cross in .308 with a 16” barrel. May consider other variants but this is what I prefer. Want to test it against my Q Fix in same configuration. Willing to travel for the right deal. Can also trade- what’cha looking for? Thanks!
    4. Cheesy Lasagna

      SOLD: Sold Aero

    5. Cheesy Lasagna

      SOLD: AR Pistol-Aero M-16 special edition lower, Surefire M500 Foreend. 11.5” SBA-3 Brace

      I have for sale an AR pistol built on an Aero lower that has *Property of USA*, * MOD M16A4* and *Safe, Semi, Burst* selector markings. IT IS NOT A NFA FULL AUTO ITEM, THEY’RE JUST MARKINGS. Lower built with CMMG part kit. Upper is PSA 11.5* with the Surefire M500 forend, fresh CR 123A...
    6. Cheesy Lasagna

      SOLD: Glock 48 (Factory silver slide.)

      For sale is my Glock 48 with factory original silver slide. Never carried and only fired at factory. Comes with Glock case, two 10rd mags and all basic factory stuff. I put it in my safe after buying it and never used it. SOLD face to face in Kenner, Metairie or thereabouts. Not looking...
    7. Cheesy Lasagna

      Scope recommendations.

      Hello all I have a .338 Lapua and am looking for a good scope that’ll get me out to 1k yds. Looking for mid-priced optics. Thank you for reading.
    8. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: .22LR Bolt Action Rifle with Threaded Barrel (Prefer 16" Barrel Length)

      Howdy All, Looking to buy a .22 LR bolt action rifle with threaded barrel. Preferred thread pitch is the standard 1/2 (.50) x 28 TPI but European 1/2 (.50) x 20 will also work. Vastly prefer a 16" barrel length with standard sights but that's not a deal breaker so let me know what you...
    9. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: SIG P320 Wanted, Prefer Manual Safety

      Howdy All, I am looking for a SIG P320, manual safety version preferred. Not overly picky about which variant you have, 9mm/.40cal only please. FTF in Metairie, Kenner area preferred. Can also meet in BR/CENLA area depending on day since I travel for work. PM me and let's make a deal...
    10. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Marlin 336Y/336 Compact 30-30

      Howdy All, Looking to buy a Marlin 336Y or 336 Compact Lever Action 30-30. Must have a 16.25" barrel from factory. Pre-Remington manufacture is good as is a genuine Remlin; they're both the same in my book. Really don't care about what stock it has as this is going to be a truck gun...
    11. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Want to Buy Glock 17 Gen4

      Howdy All, Looking to buy a Glock 17 Gen4. Not looking for a safe queen in particular so used works for me. The reason I'm looking is because I have an extra threaded barrel for a G17 that will only fit Gen3 and Gen4 models. And since I don't care for the Gen3 grip feel I'm really only...
    12. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Glock 44 and Walther PPK/S (.22)

      Howdy all, Am looking for a Glock 44 (.22 lr...) to buy. Also looking for a Walther PPK/S in .22. (The new version, not the original one; stainless or blued finish are both fine.) Don’t have a picture of the Walther but it isn’t required for a WTB ad. Can meet in Jefferson...
    13. Cheesy Lasagna

      Mushroom Stew- A Ballad

      Fun song by Musical Blades. Good for a laugh or two.
    14. Cheesy Lasagna

      Are people losing their collective minds? Insane gun prices.

      Okay, Was just browsing to find a Mossberg Retrograde 590A1. The prices were insane, so I looked at completed auctions to see if they were actually selling as high as the were being posted. A $958 msrp shotgun just sold for $2125...
    15. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTB: Looking for Geissele URG-I Complete Upper in 10.3

      Howdy All, Am looking for a complete Geissele URG-I upper in 10.3. Must have braided wire spring and Geissele buffer and Surefire SF4P flash hider included as well as Geissele BCG and charging handle. Used and scratched is fine as long as functionality is there. Am not interested in...
    16. Cheesy Lasagna

      Firearm Panic Buying Round II

      Howdy all. Looks like it’s time for the second round of gun and ammo panic buying. What with all the rioting and looting even more people are figuring out that owning a firearm might just be a good idea. That said, have any of you folks in the gun shops experienced a sudden uptick in...
    17. Cheesy Lasagna

      WTS: Covid19 Magazine Cleanout Sale, 1911 Mags Added

      Howdy All, Yet again, cleaning out my gun stuff. Found lots of magazines I no longer have a use for so here they are. All sales FTF in Kenner, Jefferson or Metairie unless otherwise arranged. Will ship on your dime at actual cost but I absolutely do not take payment other than cash, check or...
    18. Cheesy Lasagna

      Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus

      Another good look at hydroxychloroquine and its potential as a coronavirus ameliorant.
    19. Cheesy Lasagna

      Great Video on Potential Coronavirus TX, Mostly For Healthcare Providers

      Here’s a great video on potential coronavirus tx from a vetted healthcare provider. (Anesthesiologist.) Food for thought and clinical trials update.
    20. Cheesy Lasagna

      Slayer/Wham mashup

      My Nephew (a pharmacist...) sent me this. Kids, oh kids these days. ;)
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