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    1. Cheesy Lasagna


      .22lr is my choice. .17 HMR is fine as well but tears them up a bit.
    2. Cheesy Lasagna


      She is correct. Cannot remember the last time I saw it but I know I’ve seen it at least twenty times in my life.
    3. Cheesy Lasagna


      And three is the number of the counting and the number of the counting is three. Four is right out…
    4. Cheesy Lasagna

      What are all the acronyms

      When I saw that I wondered if this is a new old member…
    5. Cheesy Lasagna


      It's actually called Spike 80 DF. (DF is for Dry Flowable.) It'll kill absolutely any plant life indiscriminately.
    6. Cheesy Lasagna


      Glad to have you.
    7. Cheesy Lasagna


    8. Cheesy Lasagna

      Hurricane Binder for work

      I’d venture that GOHSEP can assist you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Give them a looksee.
    9. Cheesy Lasagna

      Gun Shop in Denham Springs, La

      All of his posts are legitimate and appropriately placed where they should be. Please spare him the grief folks. Welcome to the forums SKA!
    10. Cheesy Lasagna

      Royalty Free Web Site (Not talking about images)

      Welcome. We do try to keep it above board in the Marketplace; glad you like it here.
    11. Cheesy Lasagna

      1916 Winchester Model 1897 E

      I can only state the obvious. It’s a takedown model and its value has been diminished due to the rebluing so it’s more likely a shooter than a valuable collectible. Have a competent gunsmith check it for safety and enjoy shooting it is my take. It’s a beautiful gun overall.
    12. Cheesy Lasagna

      St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

      Well played Sir, well played.
    13. Cheesy Lasagna

      St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

      Correct. Not enough jurors according to the docket.
    14. Cheesy Lasagna

      St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

      Now, doesn’t this sound a lot like what happened some years back at a shop in Metairie? What was that place called? American something or another? Hopefully this will turn out better.
    15. Cheesy Lasagna

      More woke nonsense ...

      The new wokeness doesn’t like old addages. That’s all.
    16. Cheesy Lasagna

      More woke nonsense ...

      I don’t think we can feel blessed anymore. More likely we have to feel positively culturally responsible. ;)
    17. Cheesy Lasagna

      TIFU Got a 9mm round stuck in the chamber of a .40

      Agreed. If you can, please let us know the gunsmith who’s responsible for the repair. Always good to know a reputable smith.
    18. Cheesy Lasagna

      New Rimfire Pistol: Sig Sauer P322

      Sig's minimum sales price for the P322 is $399 per Sig representative during a YouTube interview. I'll hold out for that price.
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