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      Surefire Ryder SA-22

      Purchased a Surefire Ryder SA-22 on Friday. Anyone have experience with one? It is really light, I like that. This is will be my 4th suppressor. I guess I've got the bug!
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      Just got the call from Bowie's that my m4-2000 and 762-SDN-6 are approved. Going pick them up at lunch, and they are in just in time for the hog hunt this weekend in Texas.
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      Just received approval from state after Aug. 1

      I just received the state approval from the state for a suppressor I started in Oct. 2012. I was going back and forth with the state that whole time. They lost my paperwork then they didn't have all the paperwork blah, blah, blah. Well when Aug. 1 rolled around and state approval wasn't needed...
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      AAC 51T Flash Hider Pinging?

      I have an AAC M4-2000 suppressor in the works. I'm looking to get the quick detach adaptor for my barrel. I heard that the AAC flash hider makes a pinging noise when it is shot with the suppressor attached. Do any of you have experience with this flash hider? Thanks in advance for any input.
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      SPF: E3 Omega Arms Polymer Complete Lower

      I have an E3 Arms Omega Polymer Complete Lower for trade. I'm looking for a S&W Airweight. May be interested in other trades just let me know what you have to offer. The Lower does not come with a magazine. However; I do have some 30 rounders and may include one for the right deal. As far as an...
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      Swarovski Habicht 3x10x42

      I have a deal on the table with a guy to trade him my Glock 23 with 5 mags for his Swarovski Habicht 3x10x42. What do you guys think about this deal? Is a Habicht the model before the z3? Thanks in advance
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      Just started suppressor paperwork

      I just left Jim's where I started the process of getting a suppressor. Got the AAC Element 2 .22 suppressor. Any tips from the guys that already went through this to help me pass the 8-10 months before I can go pick up my suppressor?
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