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      Whole house generator recommendations

      If you can afford it, a liquid cooled 1800 rpm generator is the best option. The liquid cooled models are serviceable and tend to have more after market parts to repair the engines. The air cooled 3600 rpm gensets satisfy a price point but are not the best option. Its a lot to ask an air...
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      Gun current market pricing - feedback

      You can search for complete sales in the advance search engine using GunBroker.
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      Suggestions for rebluing S&W Model 28

      I agree with post #11. Model 28 is a matte finish. Unless you have a personal connection to that specific gun I would suggest you sell it and purchase another one in better condition. It would be hard in my opinion to match the factory finish and a shiny reblued Model 28 will raise red flags...
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      whole house generators, who has/had one?

      If willing to spend ~ $9-14k you can purchase a water cooled, 1800 rpm generator from MTU, ONAN-Cummins, Kohler, Taylor Power, Cat or the like. Installation is extra. I would avoid the 3600 rpm ail cooled lawn mower engines that manufacture have installed in generator. They run hot and not...
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      How to Properly mail a handgun?

      best to use FFL for handgun transfers out of state. IMO
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      Elk Stag Grips

      Thanks. The SAA set is even better. Again these are my seconds. The real nice ones are locked away.
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      Elk Stag Grips

      These are elk grips I made. They all had bark on the finished side until i got them to the right thickness. you can see that some are more narrow that others. I tried taking the material off the back side as well. These are my seconds. This is what yours would end up looking like. I fill...
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      Elk Stag Grips

      I have a good bit of experience. The material is not that fragile. the problem is that you will have to take the material from the side that has the character. if you take the material from the side against the frame the grips will get too narrow on your frame. Better to sell your set on...
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      WTB: 4x20 scope

      I have two available. One 4x32 Bushnell made in Japan and one 3x-7x custom .22 made in Japan. I would take $35 each. PM me if interested.
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      Old Shotgun needs love. Help!!!

      Post some detailed pictures and others may be able to identify for you.
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