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    1. peak98

      WTB: 35 Whelen ammo

      Needing 35 Whelen ammo, want the 200gr Federal Fusion or Hornady Superformance. Would buy two boxes of either. Located in Denham. Thanks peak98
    2. peak98

      WTB: 8208xbr powder

      Looking for a couple pounds of IMR 8208xbr powder, I’m located in Denham/Walker area. PM any offers. Thanks gentlemen. peak98
    3. peak98

      WTB: 7mm-08 Ammo

      Looking for 2-3 boxes of 7mm-08 ammo, down to 4 rounds. Any Hornady American Whitetail, Federal’s, Winchester Supreme BT’s, 120 Barnes, beggars can’t be choosers, lol. Located in Denham.
    4. peak98

      WTT: 8# of H4350

      Picked this up couple months ago thinking I would seriously build a Creed but I’m perfectly happy with my Grendel’s so this is up FOR TRADE ONLY. Will trade for even amount AR Comp or IMR 8208xbr. I’m located in Denham. PM me questions/offers. Wishing all y’all a Merry Christmas and happy new...
    5. peak98

      WTB: Redding #12 shell holder

      I’ve missed placed my Redding #12 shell holder and can’t find it. I could, in theory, order another but I can’t find one in stock. If you have one, I’ll gladly buy it or trade you for something you need if possible. Located in Denham Springs. Thank y’all. peak98
    6. peak98

      SOLD: Tul 7.62x39 122gr ammo

      Wrong ammo (120rds) purchased by my wife, I don’t have an AK or weapon that shoots this round. Will trade for AR Comp, 8208xbr, SRM Primers, or windowed Pmags. PM if interested please, located in Denham Springs. peak98
    7. peak98

      WTT: Mossberg 835 turkey tactical- cash price lowered

      WTT Mossberg 835 turkey/tactical 12g. Low round count, and well taken care of. Will come with a couple boxes of 3.5* turkey loads (Winchester longbeards mostly). Barrel has been polished. It’ll kill turkeys farther than you should shoot’m. Pic is standard pic off google, I can text actual pics...
    8. peak98

      NLFS: removed

    9. peak98

      WTB: 6.5- 100gr Nosler BT’s and 120gr Remington CL’s

      Looking for a couple boxes of 6.5cal 100gr Nosler BT’s and some of the 6.5 Remington core lokt 120’s. PM me any offers please. peak98
    10. peak98

      WTB: AR Comp powder and XBR 8208

      Wanting a pound or two of AR Comp powder and XBR8208 if anyone has some on the shelf they are no longer using. Please PM me any offers. Thanks. peak98 Merry Christmas gentlemen, God bless you and your family’s.
    11. peak98

      WTB: Looking for 6.5 Grendel and 35 Remington ammo

      Looking for a couple boxes of 6.5 Grendel Hornady 123gr Eld-m and Hornady 35 Remington Leverlution 200gr ammo. Please PM me if ya have a some you’re willing to part with. peak98
    12. peak98

      WTB: Complete 6.5 Grendel upper

      Looking for a complete 6.5 Grendel upper to go on a lower I have. Building my 9 year old her first AR to hunt with. Thanks gentlemen, please PM me any offers/questions. peak98
    13. peak98

      WTB: 6mm Remington ammo

      Anyone have some 6mm Remington ammo they no longer need? Really looking for a box or two of the Federal loaded with Partitions. PM me if you have some you’d part with. peak98
    14. peak98

      WTB: 2-7 or 3-9 Gloss scopes

      Looking for two gloss, not matte, variable power scopes. Prefer 4-12, or 3-9 power range. What you got in the top of the closet or back of the safe that wouldn’t get used anymore??? Older scopes welcome, Nikon, Burris, Leupold, Weaver. I’d much rather deal with members here than buy something...
    15. peak98

      Gloss instead of matte variable power scopes

      I’m needing two scopes for older traditional blued rifles. Wanting something in the 2-7 or 3-9 power range. Any manufacturer(s) still making the high gloss scopes anymore? I’d also buy used from members here but really don’t wanna buy older scopes off Fleabay. What are the best options?
    16. peak98

      Coonass needs advice: Going to Colorado snow skiing

      We’re headed to Steamboat Springs in a couple weeks for a few days of skiing. We’ve never been skiing before, or up north in that cold ass weather either. I need some advice on what types of clothing to wear while skiing. I figure good base layers are a must but kinda lost after that. I don’t...
    17. peak98

      WTB: cfe 223 and Reloader 15

      I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for a couple pounds of each in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Please PM me or text/call 225.316.87 five two. peak98
    18. peak98

      WTT: 444 Marlin Handi-Rifle Barrel (sold)

      I picked this very lightly used CBA prefix barrel up a week or so ago and really don't need/want another 444 barrel. I'd like to trade for another caliber. Preference for 30-06, 308, 357 but let me know what you have.I'm located in Denham Springs, contact me at 225.316.8752 or by PM. I will also...
    19. peak98

      WTT: Varget

      I have some Varget for trade. I need AA1680 and H322. Located in Denham Springs. Call or text 225.316.8752 peak98
    20. peak98

      SOLD: or Trade: Ruger Red Label O/U WeatherMaster 12g

      I have a very lightly used Ruger Red Label 12g 26" barrel WeatherMaster O/U shotgun I'd like to trade or sell (Sold). I'm the second owner, first owner put less than 75rds through it and I've put half a box of skeet loads through it. Only chokes I have are full and modified. It shoots great and...
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