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      WTB: ISO several rifles

 Winchester Or Henry in 45lc, 30-30 and 22lr all in lever action Either a M1a or Ar10 in 308
 SxS coach Gun in 12 gauge Benelli M4 clone 
In Oak Ridge but can meet for the right deal.
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      WTS: Tommy Gun

      Up for your consideration Auto Ordinance Thompson * Tommy Gun* This gun is in great shape comes with 3- 30 round stick mags and one 50 round drum. In a hard case with foam cut outs. Beautiful gun, I just don’t shoot it. Cash $1600.00 TV $2000.00. 

In the Oak Ridge area, but can meet within a...
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      WTB: Winchester trappers

      ISO of Winchester trappers in 45LC. & 30-30. In Mangham, might travel for right deal.
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      WTB: Ruger Vaquero

      I am looking for Vaqueros in 44, 357, 38, 45lc. Preferably blued. Also looking for derringers in the same calibers
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      WTB: S&W model 442 and or model 10-10

      I am ISO a S&W model 442 and or model 10-10. I am in Mangham.
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      WTB: ISO kimber 1911

      I am ISO of a kimber 1911, not particular on model. I'll know it when I see it. Thanks in advance
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      WTB: ISO a MP5 clone

      Hey guys I am in the market for an mp5 clone. No class 3 stuff. Also if you are Iranian and trying to sell me a gun, forget it! Yes this really happened! Thanks all
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      WTB: Looking to buy 2 shotguns

      I am looking to buy 2 shotguns. 1) Remington 11-87 2) a coach gun. Both need to be in 12ga. No junk please. Thank you.
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      WTB: Mp5 9mm clone

      I am looking for a mp5 clone in 9mm. No junk, no 22. Thanks
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      WTS: Sig 229 in 40s&w, 232 in 380

      For your consideration I have 2 quality pistols up for sale. 1. 40 s&w w hogue grips, 5 magazines, 500 rounds of ammo, 2 holsters, 1 double mag holder. 2. Sig 232 in 380, couple of boxes of ammo, this gun hates Tula ammo! Great lil ccw gun. A couple of different holsters. 2 magazines...
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      WTT: Couple of nice rifles for trade

      For your consideration I have 2 very nice rifles with low round counts. First rifle is a Remington SPS w heavy long barrel good shooter, included in this package is a leupold Mk 4 scope with lens caps and scope level mounted. It has a sweet jeweled bolt. Atlas bipod and a hard case. Next rifle...
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      WTB: Winchester Trapper

      I am looking for Winchester trappers, that is the 16' barrel. I am looking for the following calibers, 44,357,30-30 and 45lc. Thank you
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      WTB: Sig MK25 or Tacops

      I am looking for either a Sig MK25 or Sig Tacops in 9mm. I am in Richland parish and will travel for the right deal. Thanks.
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      Ar uppers

      Hey all, where is a good place to look for ar 15 & 10 uppers for decent prices? Ar 10 lowers as well. I could easily buy either already built, but nothing is better than building and tweaking your own build. Thanks in advance
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      WTB: Ar upper

      I am looking for a Ar 15 upper, 20' or better. Also looking for Ar 10 uppers in 16 and 20 plus. In Mangham might travel for right deal. Thanks in advance
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      WTB: Rifles

      I am looking to buy or trade the following rifles. M1a, M1 garand and a M1 carbine. Please feel free to send me your offerings with pictures attached, also I am in Mangham which is Richland parish. Near Monroe . Thanks Email address
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      WTS: Wts/wtt Colt detective special

      For your consideration I have a Nickel finished Colt Detective Special in 38 special. I am the second owner and have not shot it, so accurate round count I cannot honestly give. I am looking to sell for $650.00 cash or trade for a Sig 220 or Sig 226 TacOps. I am in Richland parish.
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      WTB: Looking for single action pistols

      Hey all! I am looking for single action pistols in the following calibers. 38/357, 44mag, 45lc. Prefer uberti but will entertain old ruger vaqueros. I have trade material as well. Thanks
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      WTB: Winchester trappers,94 or 73

      Hey all I am looking to buy or trade for a Winchester trapper in the following calibers. 30-30,45lc,357/38,44 mag. I have some trading material for right gun, also looking for single action pistols in same caliber. Thanks
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      WTS: Colt Detective Special

      Next up for your viewing pleasure is a Colt Detective Special, low round count it handles 38+p just fine. I am getting out of the wheel gun game except you single actions, so she has to go. Nice clean action job done by a local smith. I am looking to get $ 600.00 obo no lowball son this one and...
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