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      WTS: /WTT PTR-91 GI .308

      Hi all. Up for sale or trade is my brand new ptr 91. I've had it for about 8 months and haven't even sent a single round down the barrel. What you see is what you get. would come with a box but it was tossed by the wife a few months back. should have the manual somewhere in a drawer. comes with...
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      Handgun Carry Doubled Between 2015 & 2019.

      That's awesome. I'm thinking it triples from 2019 to 2023.
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      Gun Elephant In The Room $$$$$

      how much do you think inflation has to do with it? I've noticed a lot of shops in and around lake charles have marked up the cost of firearms over the past year or so. not by hundreds of dollars but definitely noticable. Especially on used guns.
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      WTB: sage international ebr chassis for m1a

      if you got one let me know so we can work out a deal! thanks
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      shooting on public land

      0070 is the wma access permit thru LDWF. it is $20 and individuals under 17 y/o don't need one
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      shooting on public land

      if I had to guess, you probably need to get the wma permit that you need to have along with your hunting/fishing permit. *disregard. I didn't realize I was responding to an old comment* should probably read dates 1st
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      HK 33 223 pistol build

      came across this post and really wish it was completed. hope all is well.
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      Thermals / base layer
    9. 2

      Thermals / base layer

      under armour cold gear, but the military surplus cold weather base layers work fine. also much cheaper.
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      Looooooong Form 4 Wait Times

      I wouldn't expect a government agency to go out of their way to help someone out, especially not the atf. I mean, they already have your check what do they care
    11. 2

      Looooooong Form 4 Wait Times

      that sucks.
    12. 2

      Looooooong Form 4 Wait Times

      been waiting on a suppressor that I paper form 4'd...381 days ago...
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      SOLD: Barrett REC7 6.8SPC W/ 660 rds of ammo

      bump. added trade desire and updated ammo quantity.
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      Bayoushooter Spyderco

      If there was a run of bayou shooter knives, I would be in. haven't been in the community long enough for a chance at the prior knives
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      WTB: bow fishing compound bow ready to fish.

      pm me whatever you have with a price, description and photos please.
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      SOLD: Barrett REC7 6.8SPC W/ 660 rds of ammo

      bump. had a guy cancel. ready for a new home.
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      WTB: hk g3/hk91/ptr91 claw mount

      let me know what you have please.
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      SOLD: Barrett REC7 6.8SPC W/ 660 rds of ammo

      bump. any cool trades? hk/hk clones?
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