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      WTS: 14” Craftsman band saw

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      Out with the old and in with the new, we’ll sort of.

      Pretty neat looking upgrade! Has an old pie safe look to it.
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      WTB: Galaxy Tab A tablet

      Last call….
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      WTS: 14” Craftsman band saw

      Up. Might trade for a galaxy Tab A tablet.
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      WTB: Galaxy Tab A tablet

      No one? Battery life not too important just needs to be working.
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      AR-15 trigger will not reset

      Had a friend that had a similar issue. Tried all sorts of things and finally found out the trigger spring was installed wrong. its easy to check for and there are many videos on how the whole fire control group should be installed.
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      WTB: Galaxy Tab A tablet

      Looking for one of the ones that has gps and needs to be functional and where I can add apps to it. not looking for pretty, unless it’s pretty cheap :). If you have one sitting around message me. looking In the Central/BR area. Thanks.
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      WTB: Rotopax gas can or similar

      Looking to see if anyone might have a 2-3 gal gas pack/can they aren’t using. Something mountable to a sxs. Like these - located in Cental/ Zachary area thanks
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      Mississippi River extremely low

      There’s a pay to park place right across the road from the big weird silver orb on the levee. $10 for 9 hours I think it was.
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      Mississippi River extremely low

      A friend and I went walked down to see the kid and the old ferry boat yesterday. If you go see the ferry the big tank close to the waters edge was the boiler for the ferry. And right next to that is an old model T engine block and steering column. There was an older gentleman taking...
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      WTS: 14” Craftsman band saw

      Bump it up
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      Question about ATV registration .

      Not apples to apples but… I bought a new 4 wheeler had the tags etc as new and it got stolen. I never did anything else with it dmv wise since then. Recently bought a SxS and it has a tag which is equal to the license plate according to the registration. Maybe you can go to the plate drop...
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      WTS: 14” Craftsman band saw

      Trades considered. Pocket pistol or benchmade knives maybe
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      SA new double stack 9mm 1911

      love the looks of it for sure. Wonder how thick it is across the grip tho.
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      Wal Mart Shopper Accidentally Shoots 4 People.

      In the end, there can be only one.
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      Most Difficult Gun to Reassemble?

      Browning A5s. After you do a few it gets easier.
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