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    1. J

      Help with colt?? 1911

      I acquired this 1911 and need help. It says it’s a colt but the serial numbers register as a different colt model. On the right side it has colt smf or smp there it’s also some other letters I can’t make out a little farther. Can anyone offer input on if this is a legit colt firearm
    2. J

      And it begins :( raised insurance

      Not going to say who I work for but the new policy says if your not vaccinated and can’t provide health reasons or religious beliefs. There will be a $25 a check premium increase for insurance. Blue cross
    3. J

      NLFS: .

    4. J

      WTB: Single shot 12ga

      As the title says. Not looking for anything high end nola area. Pm with info if you have one
    5. J

      WTB: Ruger lcp 22lr

      As the title says I'm looking for a lcp 2 in 22lr if anyone has one for sale. Nola area preferred due to work. Pm with info
    6. J

      WTT: XDS mod2 ops 9mm with holster

      Looking to trade a XDS and holster for something compact or midsize in 40 or 45 but open to all offers no 380s. Can add cash/trades Nola area pm
    7. J

      WTS: Hornady 17hmr vmax

      150 rounds of 17gr Vmax. $80. Open to trade Nola area
    8. J

      WTS: Hi point c380 & ammo

      C380 1 mag with 50 rounds 380. less then a box of ammo fired. Nola area. Pm. $200
    9. J

      WTB: 12ga birdshot

      Looking for some cheap birdshot in the Nola area pm if you have some for sale
    10. J

      WTB: Full/med size 40

      I have up to $500 not interested in something that cost covid price. Nola area
    11. J

      WTS: 7.62 x 54r spam cans (price drop

      Have 2 sealed cans of 54r I’m looking to sell $200 each. Nola area preferred due to work.
    12. J

      NLFS: .

    13. J

      WTB: Premium price Primers

      Any one have small pistol and rifle primers for sale pm Nola area preferred unless it’s for a big sale Willing to pay above cost for primers. Not looking to pay those extreme gun broker prices but let me know your price
    14. J

      WTB: 3-500 steel 223

      Looking to buy 3-500 rounds steel cased ammo cause I don’t want to sell any of mine to a family member lol. Nola area preferred
    15. J

      S&w 29-2 8" value help???

      I got this 29-2 some years back and I'm trying to figure out it's value. prices are all over the place online and wondering if anyone can help me out with this one, would say it's 7/8 out of 10 condition. thanks in advance
    16. J

      SOLD: .

    17. J

      SOLD: .

    18. J

      WTB: Stripped lowers

      As the title says looking a couple lowers Nola area pm txt 504-335-6489
    19. J

      WTB: Couple cheap handguns

      Have a little extra cash looking for a few cheap range toys in the $200-300 range. G2s, Taurus 85s, lc9, lcp, sw9//40ve open what you got. Pm txt 504 335 6489. Preferably Nola area working 12hr shifts and can’t travel
    20. J

      NLFS: .

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