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      Thermals / base layer

      Look at some Terramar base layers. Good stuff. I use it for hunting and winter mountain hiking.
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      Be careful in those tree stands

      Please be careful. I fell out of a ladder stand two years ago. I was climbing up to get in the stand when I fell. I got to the top and put my rifle on the seat so I could get up on the platform. I stepped up on the last rung to get up to the platform but I missed the rung. I fell backward but...
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      LSU Football.

      That took LESticals.
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      Looking for Hiking trails southeastern LA

      Down the app AllTrails. It lists all of hiking trails in the US. It give you a location, rate the level from easy on up along with a description and rating from users. You can search by location, city and state.
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      Trigger pull scale

      That’s what I figured was happening. Just a slightly different pull angle is changing the trigger pull weight. This is on a hunting rifle so I’m ok with a 1/4 pound difference. I’m comfortable with a 2 3/4-3 lb trigger on a hunting rifle.
    6. M

      Trigger pull scale

      Tell me if this makes sense when checking a rifle trigger. If I check a trigger weight with action out of the stock I get 2.5-2.75 lbs. when I put the gun back together I get 3.25 lbs. Could the difference be the way the scale has to be pulled when the action is in the stock?
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      Generac service

      Optimize EGS is who did my install and the work on them also.
    8. M

      Recommend archery range for recurve

      There is/was also a 3-D range through the woods back behind the fishing ponds. I think there is one for traditional bows past the archery range and air gun range on the left.
    9. M

      The dearth period in beekeeping (a few pics included)

      Thanks for sharing. Bees are just fascinating.
    10. M

      Custom kydex holster

      I’ll second the recommendation for Will. I picked up my 6th holster from him week before last. Always great service and workmanship.
    11. M

      Roe v Wade overturned

      Nor put someone to death once convicted of murder.
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      Honda CRV reliability - dead as a hammer.\update

      It took a week for a dealer to just look at my truck. It will now take 3-5 days to get a fuel pump module. This supply chair issue is a royal pain in the arse. I’m not in as bad a shape you but I fell your pain.
    13. M


      Yes but you must count to three. Three shall be the count, not two nor four, but three.
    14. M


      Has anyone purchased primers for the Primer Shop. Almost looks to good to be legitimate.
    15. M

      50 Firearms & 10,000 Rounds Seized in Louisiana Drug Bust.

      Looks more like a gun bust with some drugs on the side.
    16. M

      Odd contacts

      Got a couple myself the last two days. Told them I"ll keep it local and in person.
    17. M

      Grinder 4.5" what brand and power level.

      I've had a Milwaukee for several years to do the thing you are talking about. It has good power and I've had zero issues with it so far.
    18. M

      Glock front sight tool

      Thanks everyone for the offers. DavidD took care of me. Thanks again DavidD.
    19. M

      Glock front sight tool

      Thanks. Sent you a PM.
    20. M

      Glock front sight tool

      I order some new sights today and will need the tool for about a few minutes to change the sight.
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