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      When Dicks quit selling guns, I saw no reason to ever go back into one of their stores. Today I got a reason. I went meet someone in front of Dicks at Lakeside Shopping Center. I had to pee. Went into Dicks for the first time in years. They don't have fishing stuff anymore. Now, unless I...
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      SPF: Lower price Sig P320

      It was bought as a P320 RXP XCOMPACT. I took the Romeo 1 off and replaced the cowitness sights. Might have 300 rounds through it. Will sell for $700 with the Romeo 1 or $550 without. I do have the cowitness sights and they will be included.
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      Recoil pad

      Who can change a recoil pad on a Remington 700 in the Houma/Thibodaux area? The pad is getting old and hard.
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      AXIL hearing protection

      Anybody use AXIL GS Extreme hearing protection? Been looking at them and doing research. I had decided against them, but in the May issue of Shooting Illustrated, the NRA the AXIL Ghost Stryke Extreme rated as their "Accessory of the Year". Now I'm not so sure. Hate spending $200 on muffs...
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      Cutco knife

      I have a Cutco hunting knife with a serrated blade. Don't like the serrated blade much. I would think I can sharpen it until the serrations are gone?
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      Stock bolts and locktite

      I have a rifle with an aluminum stock. After about 20 shots, the stock bolts loosen up. I carry a torque wrench and check it every ten shots of so, but if I forget accuracy suffers. Can I put Locktite on it and torque it down? Don't want to cause problems down the road.
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      Bought a pound of Titegroup for $26.99 yesterday at Cabelas. Wanted to buy both that were on the shelf. She wouldn't let me. You can buy two containers of powder, but only of of the same kind. First time I see powder on the shelf in a while. They had about 15 one pound cans of different...
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      Deer tags

      Now that deer tags are printed on regular copy paper, has anyone figured out how to make them waterproof and still be able to write on them? I want to laminate them.
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      Deer lease

      We have a couple openings in my deer lease. It is between Montpiler and Pine Grove. I think we are full.
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      Woodworth, LA

      Anybody in Woodworth? My son wants to hike the Azalea Trail.
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      Free to good home

      I have about 100 clay targets. Must pick up in Thibodaux.
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      Why is it so hard and expensive to ship a firearm?
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      WTS: Sold STI Edge in 40 S&W

      About 4,000 rounds. Left hand AA holster, 3 mag pouches, size 40 inner and outer belt. 4 twenty round mags and 1 seventeen round mag. Extra springs and mag well. Medium shipping box full of brass. Everything needed to shoot Limited, if you are left handed. If you are right handed, all you need...
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      . Making sure I can post a picture before I put it up for sale.
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      Primers and powder

      Saw primers and powder on the shelf today at a flea market in Florida. One guy had small pistol primers for $30 a hundred and four different powders in one pound cans for $40 a pound. Another guy had a brick of large pistol primers and a brick of small rifle magnum primers for $150 a brick...
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      I watch "Airplane" every time it comes on. Am I the only one?
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      Only with the IRS

      Only with the IRS are you guilty until proved innocent. I got a letter a few months ago informing me that I hadn't paid my taxes. I checked my records and I had sent them a check and they cashed it. I spent an hour on the phone and the answer given was that it probably hasn't been credited to...
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      Which rifle?

      Looking for something to shoot squirrels. Is a 10/22 accurate enough for about 30 yard shots or should I get something like a Henry lever action? I shoot left handed, so most bolt actions are out.
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      Anybody been lately? Want to go shoot some long range.
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      SOLD: 40 S&W ammo

      Two boxes Winchester 180 grain full metal jacket and four boxes American Eagle 180 grain full metal jacket. $100 for all. I’m in Thibodaux. Will meet towards New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Sold pending funds.
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