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    1. TheMole68

      Local Print Shop?

      Does anyone know of / have a local print shop to do some business cards? East Bank Jefferson Parish?
    2. TheMole68

      WTS: Brewing Supplies

      or WTT- $250 or whatcha got? 2- 5 gallon demijohns 1- 1 gallon bottle 7- 750 ml clear flip-top bottles 4- 355 ml amber flip-top bottles 10- 500 ml amber flip-top bottles 10- 1 liter cobalt flip-top bottles 24- 500 ml cobalt flip-top bottles 3- 16 oz cobalt flip-top bottles 2- bottle cappers 1-...
    3. TheMole68

      WTS: PSA AR-15 Magpul Package with ammo and Mags- Price Drop trades added

      or WTT: NIBoxes Unfired. 5 Pmags and a 5 round DuraMag. 100 rds of FMJ American Eagle and 40 rounds of Winchester Razorbacks WAS $950 for the lot. NOW $850 New Orleans /Northshore area for pickup. Message me through the forum. Cabelas always a possibilty. ar-9 pistol? 9mm 124 fmj? Precious...
    4. TheMole68

      Rules of Engagement for Exotics Looks like LWF doesn't want funny looking deer wandering around. Good to know there's an actual established rule in case something weird wanders by. Sent from my motorola one action...
    5. TheMole68

      Small Wood Mill?

      I lost a big water oak with a almost 40' straight section to it. I'm in 70123. Is there anywhere within a reasonable distance that would come for it and be able to let it dry out and mill it? It's about 6' in diameter at the narrow end. Sent from my motorola one action using Tapatalk
    6. TheMole68

      NLFS: HK P30sk LEM

      Keep seeing other variants pop up here and figured I'd ask if anyone has one sitting in their safe they are thinking about clearing out.
    7. TheMole68

      Renewal time

      I submitted my paperwork for renewal on 2/18 in the morning, paid 2/20 in the afternoon, and approved 2/21 in the morning. I know a "right delayed is a right denied" but that's a helluva turnaround time. Same timeline for the wife. Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
    8. TheMole68

      5.11 store in Metry I didn't catch this story when it came out but I live quite near here and noticed it yesterday driving by. Y'all gonna get some tacticool gear guys!?! Located right by the highway ramp for quick in and...
    9. TheMole68

      Dear Security Manager

      Its supposed to be theatre security, not security theatre. When you're employing a metal detector at the door and I set it off your employees should probably see what that sound is... Your employee asking me if I have a knife or weapon and me saying no and just keeping walking away ought not be...
    10. TheMole68

      Littlebit of Father's Day Cooking

      Father's Day felicitations! Doing a London Broil and some corn on the grill. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
    11. TheMole68

      HB 602 Camous Carry? I'm clearly not a lawyer because I can only see that this allows parents to carry onto campus if the federal school firearm prohibition gets repealed? Can anyone interpret for me what this bill does? It's been voted up to the Senate. Sent from...
    12. TheMole68

      Labor Day Cooking?

      Who else is got something going? Doing a brisket and 2 pork butts today. Going to do chicken leg quarters tomorrow. Pre-closing the door pron pic:
    13. TheMole68

      Larry Correia Monster Hunter International Signing

      Larry is going to be at garden district books tonight. Anyone a fan? Anyone going?
    14. TheMole68

      Tim Givens at Nola Motorsports Did anyone go last year? Any recommendations, comments, or cristicisms? I'm genuinely interested but know very little about this guy or advanced training in general. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
    15. TheMole68

      Trying out a brisket

      Little Sunday smoking. At my dad's using his Traeger to make a brisket. Did a real simple rub with salt, garlic, chili powder and put it on about 715. Thinking it'll be about 10 hours @ 250 total. Planning to wrap it up when it hits about 160F internal temp. Photos from start and 2:30 in. Trying...
    16. TheMole68

      New guts for a pelican case

      I'm flying with a handgun only in a couple weeks and was trying to figure out a affordable yet secure way of checking it. The times I've checked a firearm before it's included a long arm so the pistol was just thrown in the big case. I was pricing new cases and all kinds of stuff and realized I...
    17. TheMole68

      Costco selling Speed Vaults

      I've had one for a couple years. It works well. I know Costco hates us but it's a good price.
    18. TheMole68

      Gun Market Analysis

      Any of you guys read seeking alpha? Interesting article about the state of the industry. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
    19. TheMole68

      Spectating at an IDPA Match

      Next weekend on the 11th the tangipahoa practical shooters are doing a match and South Louisiana idpa is doing a match. I've never been to one and just want to bring one of the kids and spectate. Time's are the same and travel time is the same. Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions as...
    20. TheMole68

      Memorial Day Smoking

      Anyone else doing anything? I've got 40# of chicken leg quarters, 4 spare ribs racks, and 14# of gar that's not in this picture.
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