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    1. MikeBurke

      Any World Travelers Here.

      Besides Hopedale and Venice I have been to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rico, Brazil, Trinidad, Bahamas, France, Netherlands, Senegal, Republic of Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Some travel was vacation related, some for work, but the majority was for hunting.
    2. MikeBurke

      Looking for Hiking trails southeastern LA

      More central but there is Indian Creek Reservoir Loop near Woodworth. It is a 3.5 loop. Not a difficult trail, good reviews in general. Wild Azelea is also near Woodworth. I hiked (backpacked) the entire trail (Around 25 miles) a few years back and enjoyed it. It is point to point so we had two...
    3. MikeBurke

      Palo Alto R&P Club 9/18/2022 EIC Rifle Match

      The EIC match is on for tomorrow (Sunday). Weather is looking good!!
    4. MikeBurke

      LSS - Sept Steel Challenge

      Weather is looking for tomorrow. Is this held at Palo Alto?
    5. MikeBurke

      SLHP NRA HighPower Match Sunday 28 August 22 -Ascension Sheriff's Range

      It was a great day for a match. I actually shot a personal best. Thanks to Rick and everybody that helped with the match. Next match will be September 25th.
    6. MikeBurke

      SLHP NRA HighPower Match Sunday 28 August 22 -Ascension Sheriff's Range

      The weather forecast for Sunday morning is not looking too bad in Gonzales. Come join us.
    7. MikeBurke

      Most Difficult Gun to Reassemble?

      Browning BPS pump shotgun always gave me trouble.
    8. MikeBurke

      Palo Alto R&P Club 9/18/2022 EIC Rifle Match

      John, There are no clinics scheduled at either Palo Alto or Gonzales that I know of at this time. Hopefully we have one soon if there is some interest. The match in Gonzales is shot at 200 yards only using reduced size targets and is a good way to start. There are plenty of people willing to...
    9. MikeBurke

      Palo Alto R&P Club 9/18/2022 EIC Rifle Match

      Palo Alto in Donaldsonville has the finest 600 yard line of any range around. It is covered with a wide roof and has surface used on playgrounds. There are electronic targets on all firing points. It is a great place to shoot, I got my first leg points there. High Power competition is a great...
    10. MikeBurke

      Any bourbon drinkers here

      Russell’s Reserve is one of my favorites. If I am looking for a good inexpensive bourbon it is Wild Turkey 101. Whiskey on a little ice.
    11. MikeBurke

      SLHP NRA High Power Match Sunday 26 June

      I plan to be there, looking forward to seeing everybody.
    12. MikeBurke

      SLHP Match May 29, 2022 Ascension Sheriff's Range

      These are the results from the May 29th match. Come on out on the 26th for our June match. 29 May 2022 John W MU 97 2 99 4 99 2 196 4 491 12 OA Norman B MA 77 76 76 98 327 0 Mike B MA 92 1 100 6 99 4 193 5...
    13. MikeBurke

      Biden administration to cut off lake city sales to civilians.

      How far have we fallen, Director of Civilian Marksmanship (part of the Army) issued ammo to civilians for rifle matches at one time. Clinton came along, shutdown the DCM, it became the Civilian Marksmanship Program and is no longer part of the Army.
    14. MikeBurke

      M1 Garand Rifle Match

      I plan to be there, it will be a lot of fun.
    15. MikeBurke

      Snake ID?

      I wonder how many of these are killed because they look like a cottonmouth. It is a plain belly water snake btw.
    16. MikeBurke

      Snake ID?

      The snake in the original post is a diamond back water snake, non-venomous. Head shape is a terrible way to identify snakes.
    17. MikeBurke

      SOLD: SOLD***Various powder for sale***SOLD

      SOLD Spring Cleaning I have 12-13 pounds of assorted Vihtavuori powders for sale. $240.00 for the entire lot (Or Make reasonable offer) Want to sell as a lot. Containers are all opened with some used, has been stored in my home. Face to Face only. I live near New Iberia
    18. MikeBurke

      building my first AR looking for some tips

      Aero Lower Parts kits from White Oak Armament Geissele High Speed National Match trigger MagPul UBR Gen 2 stock Spikes Tactical ST-T2 Buffer I have used this basic combo with very good success on several builds Uppers I like good barrels, Shilen, Bartlein, Kreiger Geissele rails are top...
    19. MikeBurke

      Rifle Match this Sunday

      Great match, perfect weather, and the winning score was excellent. Congratulations Sam. Thanks to Lee for running the match.
    20. MikeBurke

      Rifle Match this Sunday

      I was trying to make it a little more sporting. But thanks for catching that. Sam shot a 98 offhand in practice. He needs to shoot the SR-1 at 200 yards.
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