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      247th birthday of our beloved Corps

      Birthday message from our Commandant. Semper Fi brothers.
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      SOLD: M1 Carbine - Standard Products USGI

      I have a nice condition M1 carbine for sale. $1500
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      SOLD: Winchester 1894 32 Winchester Special - pre 64

      Nice condition Winchester 94 chambered in 32 Winchester Special. Has steel peep sight attached. $950.00
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      NLFS: Delete

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      WTB: 6.5 Jap ammo wanted

      Does anyone have any 6.5 Jap / 6.5 x 50 ammo they aren’t going to use ? If you don’t have any have you seen some?
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      Whole house generator recommendations

      My wife and I are in the beginning stages of a whole house generator. I see a 24kw by Generac. Any one have one of these. Does anyone know a place with honest reviews of the different manufacturers? Ours will be natural gas.
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      SOLD: Smith & Wesson Combat Magnum Model 19-4 2 1/2 inch

      I have an older pinned and recessed model 19-4. This pistol dates from 1981 and is chambered in .357 It is the more uncommon 2 1/2 inch model $800
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      Building my first AR - Tools needed

      I am about to start my first AR build. Does anyone have any tools that they would loan or rent to me? I need the barrel block, lower vise block, and the multi tool for barrel and buffer installation. I am in Baton Rouge Thanks
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      WTB: Garand clips needed

      Anyone have some extra Garand clips? Let me know if you have some you will let go
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      SOLD: Hoddgon Triple 7 Powder and Percussion caps

      I have one pound of unopened Triple 7 powder and 100 Remington #10 percussion caps. $30 for both
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      WTS: Remington 1858 by Pietta with lots of extras

      I have an excellent condition, unfired, Remington 1858 by Pietta in .44 Included with the sale are - - Pietta 1858 Remington in 44 caliber - 5 ounces Thompson Bore Butter - 1 pound Triple 7 Powder - 200 Round Balls - Extra Cylinder (unused) by Pietta - 2 Brass Powder Measures - Ball Starter -...
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      Happy 245th birthday my Marine brothers and sisters

      Happy birthday Devil Dogs
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      WTS: USGI Pistol Rack

      I have an USGI pistol rack for sale. I am in the Baton Rouge area. Made for M9 or other double stack autos. $150.00
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      Maurepas WMA

      Any members hunt in this WMA? Any luck? Crowded?
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      WTS: Final reduction -1952 Marlin 336 RC - 32 Winchester Special - Price Reduction

      I have a nice condition Marlin 336 RC in 32 Winchester Special. It has a vintage Weaver 3x scope on it with Weaver rings. Very nice condition for a 68 year old. Selling for $625. Reduced to $600, reduction $550, now $525
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      SOLD: Norinco 1911a1 for sale - 45 caliber 1911 - reduced

      I have a very nice Norinco 1911a1 for sale. Selling for $525, now $500
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      SPF: WW 1 reproduction 1911 flap holster - excellent Selling a excellent condition 1911 flap military holster. Front is marked US and the rear is marked. It has the belt hanger attached. R.I.A. 1916 T.O.C. selling for 40
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      WTS: Glock 19 - Raven OWB Holster - Right Hand

      I have a nice condition OWB holster for sale. It is the Raven Phantom Selling for $80
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      WTS: Magpul 5.56 Magazines - 40 rounds

      I have 3 Magpul 40 round magazines for sale All 3 for $60
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      WTS: Glock 30 round magazines x 4

      I have 4 30 round magazines that I used for my Glock 19. 2 of the magazines are Glock 2 of the magazines are ETS All 4 for $90
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