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    1. BOSS302

      WTB: Winchester Model 74 22LR

    2. BOSS302

      WTB: Winchester Model 74 22LR

      Looking to purchase a Winchester model 74 22LR rifle for my Grandfather. Can be something that needs work, as long as it has a complete fire control group. I have one that was taken apart several years ago by a gunsmith and the parts bag went missing during a move and I have given up trying to...
    3. BOSS302

      Dow to install nuc

      Based on the X-Energy website, I think it's all in the fuel and fuel delivery. It isn't stationary in the pot. I used the term "we" for the same reason.
    4. BOSS302

      Dow to install nuc

      Boron moderator would mean a positive mtc which is not good, thats why we use water. Negative mtc is what keeps reactors inheritantly stable. The XE prototype has the fuel being the first fission product barrier.
    5. BOSS302

      SOLD: or WTT - Gen 2 PA10 .308

      Gen 2 20" PA10 .308 w/ 15" M-Lok Rail - $900 - Upper is 20" Stainless barrel 1/10 Twist w/ 15" M-Lok PSA Handguard - Lower is Gen2 Forged w/ ACS-L, EPT, Overmolded PSA Grip (5) Magpul Pmag 20 (2) Magpul Pmag 10 (1) Magpul M-Lok Bi-Pod (1) Precision M472 w/ Accushim pack Glass is NOT included...
    6. BOSS302

      CHP & Vets.

      I will keep mine for reciprocity reasons.
    7. BOSS302

      GMC 5.3V8 with 6 Speed and 3.42 rear

      I have over 50k miles towing with a 6r80, they're a very bullet proof transmission for ford. I'd be curious to see what actually happened to yours. Tow/haul will not prevent the trans from going into overdrive, you'd have to manually lock out 5th and 6th gear to prevent that. The GM will...
    8. BOSS302

      Bait bucket/cooler for shrimp

      an old 48qt marine igloo.
    9. BOSS302

      Bait bucket/cooler for shrimp

      Ive used some iteration of this and an old ice chest for a very long time.
    10. BOSS302

      If only everyone had electric cars...........

      Too bad the AP1000 reactors at vogtle 3 and 4 were designed in the 70s. Just imagine a 21st century designed nuclear plant, it could be amazing.
    11. BOSS302

      St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

      interesting strategy for a first post, let's see how this plays out....
    12. BOSS302

      FYI if you live in zip code 70123 - purchasing ammo online

      Interesting, ive never had that issue before ordering from cabelas. Nola is in no way a gun friendly city for law abiding citizens.
    13. BOSS302

      Remington settles for $73 Million

      I highly doubt money will actually change hands. Remington didn't settle, the insurance companies did.
    14. BOSS302

      Bayou Shooter Pmag giveaway

      Are in
    15. BOSS302

      Converting generator to NG

      I can assure you, in my case, I do not have it wrong brother. Try again.
    16. BOSS302

      Converting generator to NG

      I'm working on locating a suitable 3/4 hose with quick connects for future use. Being as this was sourced post storm, it's currently 1" pipe run from the meter to the middle of my backyard and connected to the generator via a 36" 3/4 appliance hose. I had to use what I could get my hands on...
    17. BOSS302

      Converting generator to NG

      This kit is a tri-fuel kit, it leaves the existing fuel system intact, and it was a requirement of mine to purchase the kit. The only thing I did was make a temp adjustment to the gov to keep rpms at 3600 under load on nat gas. This was the first time I had a chance to utilize the kit, I'm...
    18. BOSS302

      Converting generator to NG

      Fuel delivery method is different for a factory made dual fuel unit. A conversion kit still pushes fuel via carb inlet, regardless of fuel. As long as the gen head is turning 3400-3600 rpm, you're making the same power. Carb jets will only push so much unleaded fuel. Conversion kits are...
    19. BOSS302

      Converting generator to NG

      On a conversion kit this isn't true for most portable units. You aren't changing to fuel delivery method, just the fuel. As long as the engine is running 3400-3700rpm, power output is still the same. Some engines require a small mod to the gov arm, but it is handy for sure. I finally secured...
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