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    1. davidd

      WTT: GME for SPP

      A great write-up if you are wondering what is going on with GameStop. TLDR (edited quote from the article): One group of gamblers announced, “Frack you!” Another group announced back: “No, frack YOU!”
    2. davidd

      WTS: SOLD - Glock Gen4 G35 + SP Primers

      SOLD - In addition to the below, including 400 Winchester small pistol primers. Glock Gen4 G35 in excellent condition. I have two, and this is the backup/secondary that saw much less use. I'm going to say 1k rounds through it, but it was probably less. SOLD - Gun is stock except for...
    3. davidd

      Selling ammo for new ****

      Dude is selling ammo to fund his wife's new ****, and we can no longer reply to classified adds. That, gentlemen, is a travesty. - - - Updated - - - Here's hoping he sells mountains of ammo...
    4. davidd

      WTS: Rock River Arms LAR-9 9mm Rifle plus extras

      Up for sale today is a Rock River Arms LAR-9 rifle. $1,100 for everything listed. Cash only, trades limited to stainless Smith or Ruger 357 revolvers. 9mm plus 16" barrel = 357 like performance. That must be true. I read it on the Internet. This is a complete factory rifle with the...
    5. davidd

      Another way around NFA SBR rules

      A friend just sent me this link. Not sure when this came out, but I have not seen this in any sporting media. Looks like another "loophole" around the SBR/SBS rules. I'm wondering how soon it will be before this, along with the "brace" and...
    6. davidd

      WTS: Lot 404 LSU Parking Pass for Auburn Game

      LSU parking pass for Auburn Game. We cannot attend, so up for sale. Lot 404. Across the street from old baseball stadium, very close to football stadium - this is a premium lot. $100 FTF in Baton Rouge - this is what I paid for it. Please PM if interested. David
    7. davidd

      WTS: 45 ACP Brass, 2000 Count

      SOLD. 2000+ pieces of 45 ACP brass. 99% large primer - I don't think there are any small primer in here, but just in case, I have added some extra. Cleaned and polished, but not deprimed. $80 FTF in Baton Rouge area or at any EAPS match. Would consider shipping for the added cost of the...
    8. davidd

      WTS: Browning Take-Down 22 Rifle

      Sold. Browning take-down 22 rifle, made in Belgium. This is a family hand-me-down; I am not the original owner. The rifle is in very good condition, with some minor blemishes on the finish and stock. I have completely disassembled the rifle and cleaned it, and I have test fired for function...
    9. davidd

      WTS: 38 super brass

      sold. 38 super brass for sale. At least (800) 38 super comp and at least (400) 38 super auto separated and cleaned. $100 face to face in BTR area or at any EAPS match. If not sold by this Sunday, I would consider shipping CONUS in USPS flat rate box that fits, probably an additional $10 or...
    10. davidd

      SOLD: Glock 21 Gen 4 - Trades added

      Sold. Up for sale today is an excellent condition Glock 21 Gen 4 pistol. This pistol was purchased by me for shooting Glock GSSF matches, and as such, it was sighted in with the included Dawson Precision sight set and fired at three annual Glock matches in Thibodaux. Probably less than 1000...
    11. davidd

      WTT: WWT - 44 Mag for 357 Mag Brass

      I have two boxes of 44 Mag, consisting of 76 once fired cases and 24 factory loaded rounds. I ran these through the cleaner this weekend, so they are all nice and pretty. I no longer have a 44 and would like to trade these for 100 brand new or very good condition once fired cases in 357 Mag...
    12. davidd

      WTS: Sold: Glock G23, Gen 2

      Sold For sale, a very good condition Glock 23 Gen 2 pistol. Around 1k of rounds through this pistol. It is factory stock except for the Hogue rubber grip, and I also replaced the factory Gen 2 front sight with a factory Gen 4 front sight (has the screw to hold it in place). Included are...
    13. davidd

      SR22 for Valentines Day?

      Took the wife to Precision a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I've taken her shooting since before we were married (in 1996). Yeah, I know... Anyway, she burned up several hundred rounds of 22 in my Ruger Mark II, and 30 or so of light 38spl in the GP100. She tried the G35 with my...
    14. davidd

      WTS: WTS - Warren/Sevigny Rear Glock Competition Sights

      This is the model: I have two for sale, both in great condition. $35 each FTF in BTR or at any EAPS match. $40 shipped USPS. I have a Glock sight pusher and can install for you if FTF. PM me here with any...
    15. davidd

      Dillon Service is still Outstanding

      Just an update on Dillon Precision from a recent interaction. I sent one of my two Square Deal presses back in for service recently. It was close to 23 years old, and all of the moveable parts and bearing surfaces were in pretty bad shape or running rough. The shell plate was jerking enough...
    16. davidd

      Pickling Banana Peppers

      Anyone got a good recipe for pickling banana peppers? I have a bunch on a plant that need to be picked, and I want to create something that tastes along the lines of what comes in the Papa John's pizza boxes. From what I've read, the basic ingredients are salt, vinegar, and garlic, but I sure...
    17. davidd

      Glock 40cal Mag Extensions

      Been reading up on Glock mags extensions, and it seems that some people can get 20 rounds in the 40cal mags, some 20 but non-reloadable, and some 19. I bought one of the newly redesigned Dawson extensions to try, and I can get 20 rounds in by the skin of my teeth, but it is definitely not...
    18. davidd

      SOLD - Glock 21, 2nd Gen

      SOLD Glock 21, 2nd Generation - $400 for everything you see here. Stock except for a 3.5# Glock connector (replaced the 8# monster) and Hogue rap-around grip. Glock fixed sights. Also includes (4) 13 round mags, mag loader, cleaning rod and brush, and 42 rounds of Remington/UMC 230g ball...
    19. davidd

      WTB - Used Blade-Tech DOH for Glock 34/35

      Looking for someone who has a used Blade-Tech DOH for a Glock 34/35 and may have swapped to another type of holster. I would prefer to buy a used one (or even borrow one for a short time) instead of buying something new so I can try it out. Let me know what you have and what you want for it...
    20. davidd

      ***Sold***: Norinco MAK90, never fired

      For sale, brand new never fired all original Norinco MAK90 Sporter. Also includes (1) 5 round and (2) 30 round mags. $450. Please PM with any questions, and thanks for looking. Not interested in trades, unless one of the class 3 guys wants to make a deal on a Sparrow. FTF in Baton Rouge...
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