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      Mossberg Shockwave Reviews

      I have the Tac 14 im 12ga and I LOVE it. Despite common opinion, you can in fact cheek or get the gun out in front of you and safely and accurately land shots with some practice. Demonstrated Concepts and Saurez International have some great videos on the topic. The guys from LuckyGunner and...
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      Supply run to Fort Meyers! Let's help some folks!

      Alright y'all, through my organization Swampy Paws Canine Rescue I've managed to organize a run to Florida and we still need a few items. Non perishable food items, MREs, high calorie fast snacks, basic first aid kits and cases of water are at the top of the list. You can message me here or...
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      Helping Florida.

      Hey guys I've got a truck and trailer I'm trying to fill with supplies but nowhere to go. Anyone have connections with relief groups or civil services down there? I'll admit networking is not my strongsuit but after all the help i got Post Ida I wanna help something fierce.
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      Favorite handgun?

      I don't own one but I've had the opportunity to shoot a couple and i gotta say the .357 Coonan 1911.
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      Head of state agency arrested after drug deal

      Now that its done i can say something about it. I know people inside the office and they changed locks, passwords etc immediately upon opening the following morning. They had to go through the motions and call it officially but she was done the second the office found out. Fortunately they are...
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      SPF: Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan LG (cash price added)

      Bump. Added a couple more trade options. Cash price coming this weekend if it doesn't move by then
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      SPF: Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan LG (cash price added)

      Bump. Added some more trade options
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      FedEx driver stole firearms

      UPS has been losing guns and ammo at an alarming rate lately
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      SPF: Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan LG (cash price added)

      Cash price 700 Comes with 2 finger extension mags, 1 flush fit, Crossbreed MiniTuck, kydex holster (i have forgotten what brand) and the Kimber bag case. Shows some light wear from carrying. Exact round count unknown but it is under 300 Trades I'm looking for 1911s in 9mm or 45, any brand, any...
    10. S ar upper choices?

      This was today at 33 yards out of a 500 dollar AR build. Center was shot kneeling with me wobbling all over the place, the other two rested off my UTV. Think I was shooting Aguila. If you're a better shot than me you'll be just fine i think lol
    11. S ar upper choices?

      I've had zero issues hitting targets up to 50 yards without having to re zero. That happens to be the extent of my range so I can't comment on further out
    12. S ar upper choices?

      I run a CMMG conversion bolt with their factory mags and the Black Dogs and love it. Just gotta keep it clean and it runs great. Think I have less than 250 invested in it with 4 mags. Being able to train cheaper with my property defense setup is worth every penny.
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