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      Satellite booster for cellphone

      I have AT&T phone service on my Apple 8i, and I was wondering if there was an inexpensive solution to boosting cell phone range while up in the mountains. I hunt a private ranch in South Colorado near Chama, and would like to stay in touch with Family and friends. I have a Verizon MiFi, but it...
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      Concealed Carry Class St James S.O.

      Saturday April 30, 2022 starting at 12 noon. Located at the St. James Sheriff's Office Range/Training Facility Hwy 3127 2 miles North of Hwy 20 in Vacherie. No pre registration required. Show up with your handgun and at least 36 rounds of ammo, and $100 cash. More info contact Lt. Keith Brooks...
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      Colt issues recall for certain MSR Rifles

      It seems Colt has issued a recall for certain MSR rifles due to the fact that they could "discharge when the trigger is released by the shooter". Check the website for rifle model #'s and serial #'s of affected rifles. I saw this on page 41 of my American Hunter magazine...
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      Looking for gunsmith to rebarrel my Ruger 77

      Looking for a gunsmith (hopefully local) to rebarrel my Ruger 77R. It is about 40 years old, and spent Katrina in my gunsafe, exposed to brackish water. The bore looks pathetic, so I was looking to rebarrel it. It is presently .270 Win, so I would keep it that way just for simplicity. I'm not...
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      St. James Sheriff's Office Range

      Located on Hwy 3127 2.5 miles North of Hwy 20, behind the Parish dump. Open to St. James Parish residents on the first and second Thursday of every month, 8am to 4pm. No fee, but be sure to sign in at Range Office Bldg before proceeding to firing line. Call for further info: Deputy Baker at...
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      Bayou Bullets in Glock ?

      New to the Forum, and I couldn't find specific info in Search, so here goes: Will the green 200 gr SWC Bayou Bullet loaded with 5.0 gr ww231 be safe in a Glock 21 and 30 ? I only have the factory barrels in both, but have heard that the green bullets will be safe in a Glock. I use the...
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