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    1. Peashooter

      SOLD: Ruger

    2. Peashooter

      WTS: Tactical Solutions Glock .22 conversion

      Fits G19 G17 G22 23 excellent shape..New Orleans area 215.00
    3. Peashooter

      NLFS: G19 NLFS

    4. Peashooter

      SOLD: 700 adl in .270 with Leopold scope

      700 adl in .270 with Leopold scope, strap, HD locking case and 2 boxes of 130gr 495.00 low rounds GREAT shape ftf New Orleans area
    5. Peashooter

      WTS: Gone

    6. Peashooter

      WTB: Wtb G17 or G22 frame

      Gen 1-3
    7. Peashooter

      SOLD: Gone

    8. Peashooter

      WTS: Available..500rds of 7.62x39 ammo

      500rds 500bucks or 200 for 200.00
    9. Peashooter

      Grendal, clean your box out

      Can't pm you, so PMme...wanna buy something :)
    10. Peashooter

      WTB: Found one

      Found one
    11. Peashooter

      WTB: Looking for snub as tacklebox gun

      Looking for snub revolver... Taurus rossi or ugly Smith or Ruger Bueller?
    12. Peashooter

      WTS: Norino SKS 225.00

      :) :)
    13. Peashooter

      WTS: Yugo underfolder for discerning tastes

      On 2cd thought...
    14. Peashooter

      WTS: 7.62x39 steel case

    15. Peashooter

      WTS: Tikka T3 270 rifle

    16. Peashooter

      WTS: Gen 3 Glock match barrel ported SS slide

      Mag well, beaver tail, grip tape, match barrel, polished stainless ported slide, Accurate! 525.00
    17. Peashooter

      WTS: Palmetto 10.5 ar15 pistol folder

    18. Peashooter

      WTS: Karl CW9 subcompact 325.00 LNIB

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