Alec Baldwin movie set shooting

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  • Sodoodle

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    Mar 13, 2021
    Baton Rouge Louisiana
    We have that exact gun. Don't see how it could've happened like Baldwin says.

    This guy does a good video on how this works:

    So does this one:

    Both guys try to make the gun fire in the way Baldwin claims in their video. Can't happen.


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    Mar 3, 2011
    Let's start with a premise here. Baldwin pointed the gun at the cinematographer while holding the trigger back. He then pulls the hammer back and holds it back for cinematographer to see if that was the correct look they wanted. When they finished, with the trigger still back, Baldwin lets go of the hammer. Can the gun fire? Reading some of the posts about the operation of the pistol used and general operations of single action pistols, I am a bit confused about what may have happened.

    An update to my post. I just tried the above (holding the trigger back while cocking the hammer) on my Ruger Blackhawk and the gun would have fired if it had been loaded. If this was the case with Baldwin, techniclly he didn't pull the trigger. He violated rule #3 of safe gun handling. In the words of a former instructor "keep your damn finger off the damn trigger till your damn sights are on the damn target and your ready to shoot" If this was the case, he is ressponsible and negligent. The set armorer has fault also as it is thier job to ensure the actors handling weapons know how to do so safely. It also seems to me they should be consulted on any actions requiring use of weapons to ensure safe practices are set and followed.
    Then he pulled the trigger! It doesn't matter if it is before or after he cocked the hammer!


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    Feb 15, 2021
    Covington, Louisiana
    I read today that he was sitting quietly on a nearby church pew practicing his draw and was aiming the gun at the female and it discharged. No direction or interaction with them, he just shot her.

    Even better food for thought. How is this in any way different than the female cop shooting the perp in the car when she intended to use her Taser. Both of them were accidental shootings, yet both are homicides. Lets see how the media and the public treat both incidents although they were both accidental shootings when they are distilled down to actions. Neither bore the intent to murder aspect, yet both resulted in homicides. Her intent was to Tase the perp, his intent was to practice his gun handling for a movie, neither intended to function a pistol with live rounds.


    Old School
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    Nov 16, 2009
    Denham Springs
    The dual justice system in this country. One for liberals like Alec and the other for the rest of us.
    You are correct!! EXAMPLE: I'm (dumb a$$) cleaning my gun, it "accidently" discharges, shoots my wife..."I" go to jail!!

    Go figure.


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    Mar 3, 2011
    The dual justice system in this country. One for liberals like Alec and the other for the rest of us.
    Stop confusing the political system with the "Class" system. Baldwin has money, lots of it, with money comes power! It is about class not political affiliations

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