Anybody looking for 6.5 cm ammo?

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  • D_behrnes

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    Oct 14, 2017
    So after a very long search for a decent 6.5 cm round in stock somewhere I stumbled across a fella I’ve done some transactions with in the past through another forum and he has 2k rounds of sig otm 140 gr 6.5 cm he’s willing to part with. 2$ a round shipped in 100 round incriminates but preferably in the entire 200 round box. Wont link the forum here because I’d imagine that goes against the rules but I can pm you a link. Also if anybody doesn’t feel like dealing with the hassle I’ll be placing an order for 300 rounds next Friday and I can have more sent if you’d like to pitch in for some and get a very slight discount. PayPal G&S of course so everybody has a money back guarantee.

    Just thought I’d try to help anybody in the same situation I was in. Closest I’ve found is federal eagle fmjbt at $2.15 a round not including shipping and tax on ammoseek which brings you to the actual website with the ammo.
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