Back surgery specifically lumbar fusion, who's had this done?

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Denham Springs/Watson, La
    Yall are making me nervous. I am going to Dr. Today about a herniated disc in my neck from a car accident back in April of last year.
    I'm not saying I shouldn't have had the surgery, actually I should have had it earlier since the amount of damage was significant. But the recovery was lengthy and I have arthritis too which is what I think I'm having trouble with too. My wife has had a cervical 3 level fusion due to a bad accident before my surgery, her recovery was easier than mine, but I do so much physical type work my body is failing faster than I can fix it or heal up from it. Do your research, pick a good Dr and practice (can't say enough about how good the Dr's are @ Neuromedical Center and Spine Hospital) and you should be better. Good luck man.


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    Apr 19, 2024
    In my line of work a good strong back is essential but also destroys ones back too. So @ 58 and after a decade or more in pain I decided do something about it. I had a 2 level lumbar fusion done 1 1/2 years ago. After the year of recovery and P/T I am in the same boat as when I started. Crazy thing is it's not the fault of the surgery or surgeon, I have arthritis on my spine which I was told before surgery, but told it wasn't it a issue. Well it is obviously it is because I am in pain most of the day and night. I have a built in weather forecaster in my body now as I feel the weather changes coming. I have spent thousands of dollars of procedures/treatment with most giving me no relief. I recently had a nerve "burn" to try and get some relief and told it may take two weeks to feel the effects, I'm a few days from the 2 weeks, but no relief yet, I feel worse actually. I don't feel like it's the Dr or Hospitals fault I feel like it's mainly age and arthritis kicking my tail. I feel like working is doing as much damage as any healing or procedure has done.
    I am curious if anyone has had this type of surgery and what the level of recovery has been.
    My wife has had 3 lower back surgeries. The first almost killed her with and infection. She has also had 3 neck surgeries fusing c1 - 5 and is left with a failed fusi9n and 3 broken screws that can’t be corrected.


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    Jul 31, 2010
    Abita Springs
    I had my L5/S1 fused about 12 years ago by Dr Butler in Slidell at southern spine.
    Took me an entire year to recover but I don’t regret it at all.
    I have zero issues.
    He had me scheduled for an additional surgery after it was fused to remove rods and screws but I asked if it would be a problem to leave it in.
    He let me keep it in.

    I’m not sure if he still practices but I would highly recommend him.
    I had a totally collapsed of the disc and my vertebrae were sitting on top of my nerve.
    It randomly caused my legs to give out and I was on heavy pain killers for a long time before I was able to have the surgery.

    Work related injury.


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    Certified gun nut!
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    Nov 23, 2008
    Denham Springs/Watson, La
    I had a rhizotomy done back in late Jan, so far after taking a month to take effect it's got me feeling better. I still have issues during weather changes from the arthritis, but it's tolerable. Of course this is temporary, but I'll take what I can get.


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    Apr 18, 2009
    Look up Stuart McGill and read some of what he recommends. The basic "big three", if done daily, will help most people. Consistency is key.
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