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    Mar 13, 2009
    St. Charles Parish
    Fellow BS members:

    I would put 40% of my overall novice training solely on information found on boards similar to this one, and other resources that are freely available to the public on the internet. I'd like to start a thread for a centralized location to keep a good list of solid information for people to read, whether it be when they're first starting, or advanced and would like some good reading material. Maybe with some help from a certain forum owner we can make this a sticky. :D

    (Open to suggestions/critiques) Please post below links to the following:
    Training / Reference articles and videos that are FREE, and do NOT require you to sign up to view. I will try to keep the first post updated with your links. When you post a suggestion, please try to have a brief description of what the link contains for search purposes.

    Also, if you wish to have a discussion about the links posted, please start a new thread to keep this thread as efficient and informative as humanly possible.

    - Beginner's Guide to Concealed Carry - Hosted on

    - How to Explain Concealed Carry to Family Members - Hosted on

    - Carrying With a Round in the Chamber - Always? - Hosted on

    - Go Heavy (Ammunition - Hosted on

    - PaladinPress Youtube Channel, Great Free Training videos - Hosted on

    - NutNFancy Youtube Channel, Amazingly detailed gear reviews, training, and an overall great way to pass the next week at work - Hosted on

    - Paul Gomez, The Training Bum's User Page. Contains numerous articles written by Paul, all free for BayouShooter readers - Hosted here, on

    - Patterns of Tissue Injury, Medical Article about Firearm related injuries - Hosted on

    - A gun in your face... What should you do? Self explanatory article written by Front Sight's I. Piazza containing one of my favorite videos - Hosted on

    - On Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves Article excerpt from a book On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict, In War and In Peace - Hosted by

    - Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog Recent activity of civilians using guns for GOOD - Hosted on

    - Pistol Training Website, dedicated to a similar cause as this thread... Contains many drills, articles, etc. - Hosted on

    - How I found's great community, and many great references - If you click no other link on this thread, click this one. Hosted by LouisianaCarry (BS Member)

    - Complete AR-15 Buyer's Guide A very detailed thread on everything you need to know for the first time AR-15 buyer - Hosted on

    FMG Publications Web Blast. Lots of Second Amendment, Gun choosing, and defensive videos. Thanks to Spanky.

    Paul Gomez's thread on defensive situations/tactics learned from real shooting videos. Great discussion from a great instructor. Thanks Paul.

    Guns & Ammo videos. Excellent location for training and gun reviews. Also a great way to blow a couple hours at work. Thanks Hitman.

    Lessons learned - The following are quips, quotes and lessons learned from the field. Thanks Speedlace.
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    Mar 13, 2009
    St. Charles Parish
    Thanks for the additions guys. I've added them to the original post. As said in the OP, if any of my links go dead please let me know and they will be removed/repaired/replaced.


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    Jan 13, 2009
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    Massad Ayoob - Shoot to Live, 8 parts

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