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  • Bigchillin83

    Well-Known Member
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    Feb 27, 2012
    Oh I thought we were talking everyday factory easy to get ar-15’s

    I change my vote then, these are my 2 main squeezes

    Sig mcx virtus 11.5” sbr LE
    Surefire 640 pro
    Aimpoint comp m5 w/scalardworks
    Silencerco omega30
    Sig buis

    Bcm 11.5” elw bfh
    Surefire 640 ultra
    Aimpoint comp m5 w/scalardworks
    Silencerco hybrid .46
    Troy buis



    Madame Mayor's Fiefdom
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    Jul 27, 2008
    New Orleans, La.

    Ounces are Pounds and Pounds are Pain
    KE Arms Monolithic Lower. Billet slick side upper.
    Chrome plated BCG. Faxon Pencil barrel. Troy Carbon Fiber Handguard.
    Holoson Optic. 1.5 lb trigger.

    About 5lbs. with a place to put my oops kit in the stock. (along with some Skittles)


    Not Banned!!!
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    Feb 14, 2010
    Thank god, another AR thread. I was getting bored with all of the variety in this section...

    My favorite ar is the one that twangs when I shoot it. It also has the wobbly stock that can get either too short or too long for me. I do like the skinny grip that is factory setup with a extreme rake. Makes my arm have to stick out like a chicken wing, very ergonomic. Plus the extreme amount of crap that blows out the side and back of it while shooting just makes me smile, and cough a bit. It is a great design, craps where it works. Thank sweet baby Jesus that it is chambered in a true intermediate cartridge and not some sort of poodle shooter round. At least the mags fall out freely and safety is easy to reach. LRBO is also a plus, cause that poodle is still advancing even after the full semi auto burst of the contents for my 30 caliber clip. Got spare clips in my sling bag/fanny pack. Poodles beware.


    Well-Known Member
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    May 25, 2023
    Mine is the one i assembled. Spikes upper / lower, larue trigger and barrel, Spikes BAR rail, cryptic coating bcg, Gieselle reciever extension, spikes st t2 buffer and spring, slr mini comp. This AR is the softest shooting, accurate AR ive ever shot.


    Well-Known Member
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    May 9, 2022
    11.5 I cobbled together my first and only AR. Only 5k rounds threw it so far but I would say it's vetted I treat this thing like **** works fine.
    Mcmr rail
    Criterion core barrel
    Holosun 321 LAM
    Arisaka light
    Eotech 3-1



    Well-Known Member
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    Sep 26, 2022
    For now I'll say my first build as well.
    New Frontier Armory C-4 side charging upper
    Rosco 16" mid-length government barrel
    PSA Single stage 3.5 drop in (flat face)
    Magpul MOE stock and grip( sale from PSA W/10 30rd PMAG) Black Rain Ordinance adjustable gas block (.750)
    Vortex strike fire 2 red/green optic
    AT3 Tactical 3x magnifier
    Wraith handguard (Aim sport)
    Strike Industries J comp 2 with Strike Industries Oppressor. I'd say it turned out well considering I've NEVER built a rifle in my life.
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